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NextGen Climate releases first TV ad that draws connections between Brown, big oil

The Super PAC founded by billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer takes aim at Scott Brown in its first television ad.

“Out-of-state oilmen like the Koch brothers are spending millions to elect out-of-state politician Scott Brown to our Senate seat,” the 30-second television ad says. “Brown voted to protect tax giveaways for big oil, which is polluting our air and water.”

NextGen Climate released the television, radio and digital ads today – all of which highlight a connection between Brown and oil.

The Super PAC is getting into seven races across the country where Steyer sees a gap between candidates on the issue of climate change.

Steyer told the Monitor in July that he didn’t think the PAC would “be in New Hampshire if Scott Brown hadn’t run.”

“I think with Scott Brown there’s a clear indication that he has taken a ton of money from an industry and supported them right down the line,” Steyer said in July.

Brown’s campaign had no comment on the ads.

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I love my 1965 Cobra and I love big oil! Rock on petrol!

I was watching "Morning Joe" this am and saw an author who has written a book about people like you. Seems there are a lot of people with narcissistic personalities with no empathy, starts as a baby. Very interesting.

try and imagine a world without fossil fuel...

I bet Tom Steyer's "carbon footprint" is just as big as Al Gore's. Just another socialist apologist.

Steyer CRIME SCANDAL - HEADLINES: " Scandal: Because Of Nancy Pelosi, Taxpayers Just Gave $1 Billion To This Liberal Donor"......Billionaire Steyer has used his fortune to greatly help Democrats, pledging to spend $50 million... Read more at That is the democrat crime syndicate we have come to know and love.

It's ironic this billionaire is spending huge sums knocking brown when he the billionaire made hundreds of millions from oil commodities, go figure. The Obama lap dog named Jeanne rallied against john sununu in 2008 because he was aligned with big oil - gas was $3.50 / gal- what has she done? Not much obviously

Ya know, "big oil" isn't as bad as some (see above) would like us to think. After a career working with the food industry, I've always said I trust big oil more than I do the food industry. Hey, a gallon of gas is still one gallon, not .87 of a gallon!

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