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Republican U.S. Senate candidates differ on keeping parts of Obamacare

Republicans competing for a chance to take on U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen all want to repeal the federal health care overhaul law, though some would keep elements of it in place.

Responding to questions from the Associated Press, former state senator Jim Rubens and former U.S. senators Bob Smith and Scott Brown describe similar objections to the law that Shaheen, a Democrat, supports.

“It’s not working the way we were promised,” Brown said. “Rates are going up, people have lost insurance policies they were told they could keep, and there’s no choice in the marketplace.”

In addition to those points, Rubens also said the law is driving up the federal debt and deficit spending, and called it “the largest expansion of big government in decades.” Smith and Brown both argue that employer mandate provisions will hurt the economy.

“It will force employers to lay people off and/or cut back their hours, depending upon the number of employees in their business,” Smith said.

Asked whether anything in the law should remain in place, Smith cited provisions that allow people to change jobs or insurers without danger of losing access to coverage and prohibit insurers from denying coverage to those with pre-existing medical conditions. Rubens, meanwhile, favors keeping the provision that allows children to stay on their parents’ policies through age 26.

“It does not cost taxpayers, and is not a mandate,” he said.

Brown, however, said none of the federal law should remain in place and that there is nothing Congress should do to provide greater access to affordable health insurance. Instead, states are best equipped to tackle that problem, he said.

Rubens said Congress should create catastrophic insurance pools to handle pre-existing conditions, with premium help for low-income individuals. He also has outlined a 15-point plan to reduce health care costs and improve quality that calls for means testing for Medicare and Social Security recipients, creating more community health clinics and allowing an interstate market for health insurance.

Smith agreed that insurance should be sold across state lines, and said tort reform could bring down cost. Other than that, Congress should “get out of the insurance market” and let the free market bring down costs through competition, he said.

More than 40,000 New Hampshire residents have signed up for health plans through the new insurance markets created by the law, including some of the 22,000 people who were told last fall that their previous policies would be canceled because they didn’t comply with the law’s provisions. The cancellations contradicted President Obama’s promise that those who liked their insurance could keep it, though New Hampshire residents had a chance to renew those plans through 2014, and about half had a chance to extend them an additional year.

Only one company sold health plans through the new marketplace during the first enrollment period, and it was criticized for its narrow provider network. Next year, however, five companies are expected to offer plans, and each hospital will be included in at least three networks.

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I guess that all of the debates and conservative versus liberal, etc. really don't matter. If you think that Barack Obama is doing a great job with the economy, on the world stage, with immigration, etc. vote for a continuation of those swimmingly good results and vote for Shaheen. If not, vote her out, no matter who else is running because a vote for Shaheen is a vote for the SAME.

For the record - Tillie is correct. "Libel" is a written form of defamation. "Slander" is spoken. Those of you jumping all over her and calling people "low information" ought to check their knee-jerk reactions with a little research before exposing their own lack of knowledge.

I suggest you read your posts Bruce. You do very well in the intimidation dept. Hard pressed to find any of your posts free of name calling or intimidation.

If you like your insurance...... that is such a stupid GOP talking point. The insurances that were cancelled because they didn't meet the set minimum for coverage. These policies were crap and those feigning outrage at their cancellation I tend to doubt. As I see it, there are three types of people when it comes to Obamacare. 1- Those that hate it because of the President, 2- politicians and those who don't have to worry about insurance and 3- everyone else who just doesn't want to have to worry about it. Itsa/PBR find me someone with a pre-existing condition that isn't thankful that Obamacare did away with that.

If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Not all of those insurance plans were crap. In fact, my employer offered two plans, one is free and meets the Obamacare standards and the other is paid for by rank and file employees for $34 per week and is not approved by Obamacare. The approved plan covers very little. The unapproved plan was unapproved because of one little thing that was in the law but covers much, much more. The suppositions are silly, immature and childish. The law sucks, period! It is costing people more and the emergency rooms are still seeing the same traffic.

GCarson I know of nobody who felt that folks should not be able to get insurance with a pre existing condition. That is just the Dems myth. There are several reasons why insurance policies were cancelled. Cost being the number one reason because of all the pages and pages of the ACA that listed requirements. Many folks who had great insurance like myself saw their cost rise very high. And in fact you cannot keep your insurance the govt decided that they know what coverage you should have, even if you do not need some of the coverage they mandated. Then we have the employers who put folks on part time hours to avoid paying. We have not even seen what will go down when the employer mandate is active. The Dems delayed that till after the elections because they know the fallout from that will be bad.

NObamakare and democrats = passing things so popular they have to make then mandatory

Scott Brown was a for it before he was agin it. He just loved Romney's health care plan in MA.

too bad you cant document that whim of that slander

BPR know you are a big fan of Wikipedia, just look up your favorite MA senator and check under positions on health care. "Scott Brown was a supporter of MA health care reform, which guaranteed all residents health care." Of course those of us who have followed his career already knew that. When it was politically expedient to be against universal health care( Obamacare) he did that too. He is a complete empty suit, His wife is the brains of the team.

Wikipedia - is a source not even worthy of clowns "Wikipedia, the online community encyclopedia that anyone can edit, has a liberal political bias" "Can articles that any person is able to edit be reliable?" "How can Wikipedia stop a group of determined individuals who monitor an article with the intent of skewing it to fit their opinions?" Wikipedia is the source worthy of liberals

Don't be such a dope, just look up old news reports about Brown and reread some of his debates with Warren. Way back when, when you were Sail you told me to look up something on Wiki and I told you it can be edited by anyone but not a newspaper column. Boston Globe/ Scott Brown. I really don't think you know much about your pretty boy do you?

Elizabeth Warren, you mean Chief Spreading Bull? She is and was a liar. High cheekbones and all.

BPR Actually it wouldn't be slander but libel, but since it is true it is neither. Just getting nothing right these days are you?

LIDV's WRONG as USUAL - "Libel and slander are both forms of defamation" which is how liberals operate

Seriously? Disproving the claims of Sail/BPR is like shooting fish in a barrel, or taking candy from a baby: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2013/12/06/Memo-To-New-Hampshire-Voters-Remember-Scott-Brown-Voted-For-Romneycare

It might be if we took any of the copy and paste "mir"or, leftist sites seriously. I bet that you do have experience taking candy from a baby though. Shooting fish in a barrel, you wouldn't know which end of the gun was the "barrel".

another classic Brucie excusie #450872346 - trying to compare an apple to an orange - a true LIDV through and through

Gentlemen, have any of you clowns considered passing federal racketeering legislation outlawing ALL medical insurance as a corrupt form of gambling that games profits against people's health? The single greatest detrimental influence on 'healthcare' in the United States (what used to be called 'medicine') was the advent of widespread insurance scams brought in during wage and price controls. The damage to medicine, the cost to providers, and the elimination of consumer pressure on pricing has devastated a once universally affordable industry.

10th amendment - The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. Which part of that do Rubens and Smith not understand. a Must read : "Washington is divided because it has abandoned federalism" http://washingtonexaminer.com/washington-is-divided-because-it-has-abandoned-federalism/article/2552049

The X Amendment, like patriotism, "is the last refuge of a scoundrel." Among other things it was the basis for 80 years of slavery and then 100 years of Jim Crow. What part does BestPres not understand?

Look who is talking about being a "scoundrel".....check the mirror.

he would see a stalker. ever notice how he never ever addresses the issue a presented

As usual, another nonsensical playground-level response to simple facts about the 10th Amendment and its use, or rather misuse, to hide behind claims of 'states' rights" that justified racism and slavery.

another LIDV comment - the stalker gets worse every day

The only real stalker on this site is Itsa, who does so in pathetic attempts to intimidate and silence those with whom he disagrees, since he is evidently unable to conduct a civil dialogue or sustain a coherent argument.

Think again Bruce, I would say that I believe in knowing the enemy and yes, there are many enemies of our Republic posting here. Information is everywhere. here is a link for you Bruce.http://reelfoto.blogspot.com/2012/09/jill-greenberg-cry-baby.html.

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