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Nude child on Loudon Road returned to family

A nude 8-year-old child found early yesterday morning on Loudon Road has been safely returned to his family, the Concord police said.

Lt. Timothy O’Malley said a state trooper found the child standing on the corner at the intersection of East Side Drive about 6:30 a.m. City officers responded, located his mother in a nearby apartment and determined he had left the residence without her knowledge.

The child is developmentally challenged, O’Malley said, and this isn’t the first time such an incident has occurred. He said the mother was concerned and working to find ways to prevent him from voluntarily leaving in the future.

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Bet the mother is on stamps/ebt...

I'd rather be on food stamps than whatever it is you're on...

Maybe keeping a better eye on him would work?

Do you really have any idea how impossible it is for one person to watch a child every minute of the day? I take care of my 3 year old granddaughter and just the act of getting her more juice presents an opportunity for her to try and take flight and hide. The fact that he got out does not imply neglect.

This wasn't the first time the boy did this. Here's a tip, when getting your granddaughter juice, take her with you. It only takes a minute for a toddler to get in trouble.

I dunno, GC. This is a Special Needs child. It's not like, "Now, where did that wascally wabbit wun off to, this time?". It's imperative that someone in the household knows where this child is...every single minute of the live-long day.

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