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Should orange, red and yellow become New Hampshire’s official colors?

Red, yellow and orange – let’s make it official!

Orange, red and yellow are the colors of fall in New Hampshire – and if a state representative gets his way, they’ll become the state’s official colors all year round.

Rep. Mark McConkey, a Republican from Freedom, has introduced a bill for next year “establishing orange, red and yellow as the state colors.” The idea, he said, came from a group of fourth-graders at Freedom Elementary School.

“I had gone over to speak to them about how government works and talked to them about the bill process,” McConkey said, “and told them that if there was ever something that was a burning issue for them,” they should let him know.

A few weeks later, he said, “they brought me back . . . and said there’s no state color, and they feel very passionately about that.”

New Hampshire’s fourth-graders aren’t an uncommon source of public-policy proposals. For example, students at Derry Village School have convinced Derry Republican Rep. John O’Connor to introduce a bill for next year making the potato the official state vegetable.

As for the colors, McConkey said, the Freedom students persuaded him that tourism is a major industry in the state, and “the fall colors, the colors of pumpkin and corn and so forth, reflected the three colors that they had chosen.”

McConkey described the prospects for his bill as “spectacular.

An earlier version of this story misidentified Rep. Mark McConkey's party. He is a Republican.

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Best Bill a Republican has submitted in two years.

Are you serious? You has nothing better to do that come up with some lame bill to designate the state's official colors because of some 4th graders? Where are your priorities Mark. You have to consult with 4th graders to submit a bill that does nothing for our citizens with all the problems we have with the economy, unemployed and the states pending budget deficit? Typical politician, get your name in the paper, without doing any harm yet still not doing anything constructive. I can’t believe that I am the only one fed up with our do nothing Congress and state legislature. The only things they can do are to designate a state flower, insect, bird, and now colors for crying out loud! What next an official state cologne? Other then make a few people feel good what the heck does passing a bill making anything an official flower color or whatever? N O T H I N G. What don’t you and all your other colleagues get together and try to pass legislation that actually means something to everyone.

"I am the only one fed up with our do nothing Congress and state legislature." The Republicans have been doing a lot - like voting in Congress to repeal Obamacare about 30 times. I think they renamed some buildings too. And how about when they focused like a laser on the women?

With all the trouble around, they're worried about official state colors? What's next, the official state potato chip?

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