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Petition calls for censure, impeachment of N.H. representative over Free State Project comment

A group of New Hampshire activists wants Rep. Cynthia Chase censured and impeached by her fellow state representatives.

Chase, a Keene Democrat, wrote a comment Dec. 21 on the liberal Blue Hampshire blog that angered many supporters of the Free State Project, which is trying to persuade 20,000 liberty activists to move en masse to New Hampshire.

“In the opinion of this Democrat, Free Staters are the single biggest threat the state is facing today,” Chase wrote. “There is, legally, nothing we can do to prevent them from moving here to take over the state, which is their openly stated goal. . . . What we can do is to make the environment here so unwelcoming that some will choose not to come, and some may actually leave. One way is to pass measures that will restrict the ‘freedoms’ that they think they will find here. Another is to shine the bright light of publicity on who they are and why they are coming.”

A petition to the House was assembled and signed by 120 people, led by Darryl Perry, a Keene resident and Free State Project participant. It calls for Chase’s censure and impeachment over the comment, which the petition describes as showing “her intent to enact laws to interfere with protected rights” and “harm a specific group of people.”

The petition was received by the clerk’s office earlier this month, and a notice was printed in Friday’s House Calendar ahead of tomorrow’s full House session.

Chase declined to comment on the petition.


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I suspect that Chase is a product of the liberal union dominated public education system....

Porcupines don't like bright lights. I think it's time we drag e'm out into the lights and watch them scurry. Just like when Six Guns Sazbo got the Media Spotlight shone on him, He scurried for South America. These Parasite Porcupines need to go and crawl back to their mommies basement.. NHD

Despite their claims to the contrary, intimidation and coercion are, along with stealth, hallmarks of the Free State Soilers-- and libertarians in general. Like their goddess, Ayn Rand, they secretly harbor fascist tendencies--that's why so many of them have a gun fetish. They're always spoiling for a fight. And they can't tolerate honest give and take of politics--especially when it sheds light on their "project". This is how they respond-with threats. Their petition might have had a slim chance in the previous iteration of the House, but since many of the Soilers lost or chose not to run again (knowing they'd likely lose), the petition will go nowhere. If only the FSP would go somewhere.

I agree with Rep. Chase--they want to take over not work with all NH residents.

Lordy, Lordy but the truth does hurt. After the years of name calling of Dems by the like of Limburger,Beck and the whole Fox 'newscasters" not to mention the likes of O"Brien in NH, the freestaters are all upset. If you go to their website that is exactly what they plan to do, come to NH and take over the government. And they have a good start on it. Come on now don't be so thin skinned Freestaters, haven't any of you heard of the !st Admendment or did you just skip over it to the 2nd?

"the freestaters are all upset"--Uh, no, most of us were quite grateful to Chase for the publicity (worth literally thousands of dollars), and I'm sure that many of us share my willingness to cut Chase some slack for her ill-chosen words. She's a political novice, like many in New Hampshire's citizen legislature; if you want professional politicians versed in politispeak, go to California. Chase herself is not a NH native, and as an environmentalist would probably be happier in the Green Party were third parties viable. Of course she considers libertarians a threat, as we do her. Nothing wrong with that. I just wish the games and hyperbole would go away. If Chase's constituents want to recall her, fine, but I don't want my Nashua reps censuring or impeaching her. There will always be a few extremists in any group, and it is pointless to blame them, but I do blame the media for focusing attention on them and suggesting that they are representative of the group.

Re: "there will be a few extremists in any group..." More than a few, if you're referring to the FSP. Of the first 13 topics for discussion on the FSP web-site, 3 of them concern guns: ammo reloaders, proposals that would ban assault weapons, and a third asking: "Is there a militia here?" The connection is direct and real between libertarians, including FSP folks, and 2nd Amendment absolutists who are members of self-described "militias" and the far-right "Oathkeepers". Amend that statement to "more than a few..."

Typical Obama sycophant, KoolAid drinking Liberal. She should be ashamed. She needs to remove her fat self from public life.

Chase should remove herself from MY home state, NH! Actually she shuld remover herself from the US! And Take Obama with her!

"Chase, a Keene Democrat, wrote a comment Dec. 21 on the liberal Blue Hampshire blog that angered many supporters of the Free State Project" Mr. Leubsdorf. Please report facts, not personal speculation. How many supporters did you ask? Are you sure it's "most"?

Well, bd it has angered at least 120 supporters and I wouldn't be surprised if that isn't "many" of them. "Most" and "many" have different meanings.

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