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Poll: 79 percent support medical marijuana in New Hampshire

In advance of a hearing this week on a bill to legalize medical marijuana, a UNH-WMUR poll shows that 79 percent of New Hampshire adults support allowing doctors to recommend marijuana for patients suffering from serious illnesses.

Gov. Maggie Hassan has expressed support for medical marijuana legislation. A medical marijuana bill that passed the Legislature last year was vetoed by then-Gov. John Lynch.

The Granite State Poll of 581 randomly selected New Hampshire adults was conducted between Jan. 30 and Feb. 5.

The House Committee on Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs is scheduled to hold a hearing on HB 573 on Thursday at 10 a.m. in rooms 205-207 of the Legislative Office Building. Under the legislation, patients would be able to grow up to four marijuana plants in their homes or obtain marijuana through one of five state-licensed alternative treatment centers.

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We all agree that medicinal marijuana is needed. I know, my sister used it and it brought her some comfort. I am all for it. The legalization of pot has many problems. One of which is enforcing it and detecting it say while driving. Now if alcohol cuts down on your response time to react, my guess is that pot will also cut down on your response time to react while driving. The term mellow comes to mind. Which is not a term you want associated with driving a vehicle. I also feel that folks who are on prescription drugs have issues with driving also. I have relatives that take some and they are just on a plain of no reaction. Just saying that pot to me should be only legalized for medical use. It will cause problems I feel trying to regulate it while driving.

I guess some people inhale hair spray or drink gasoline. Most people drive cars. Some skydive, get lost in the woods, and snow ski into trees (I've done that). People do lots of dangerous things legally. So what's all the fuss over marijuana - the war on drugs is costing us a fortune. Probably a lot of shootings are related to drug dealing gangs. Legalize it and sell it in liquor stores. Legalize hemp too. it would create more jobs and tax revenue. Then we would have more time for solving real problems.

Medical marijuana is a good start but what we know from California is that everyone who wants to use it will use it, so it is more practical to simply legalize it for personal consumption, and sell it in the state liquor stores for everyone over 21, although that age should be dropped to 18, for alcohol as well.

Might be nice for those folks who want to get high and hide from reality but it is not at all the same as alcohol. Yes, people drink and drive but even more people will get high and drive and it might not be as detectable. Alcohol impairs judgment and leaves you in a stupor but marijuana has a different effect, almost and invincibility. The pot crowd might be happy but believe me, there would be much more widespread usage while operating a motor vehicle.

What this writer doesn't know about marijuana would fill a book. "Invincibility" ?

Oh it's detectable alright...they will be the ones driving with both hands on the wheel doing 5 miles an hour thinking they're going the speed limit. LOL

There is nothing wrong with medical marijuana if it can be controlled and truly only dispensed with a prescription. In California there was an employee who had a prescription for chronic pain, he was 23 years old. He would use his skateboard, surf, ride his bike, work out at the gym but he was in "chronic pain". From what I could tell, it was bogus. How do we stop that, however, this is about baby steps towards legalizing marijuana totally. Make no mistake about that.

Who did they poll, the people that live on the tree streets in Manchester and Nashua?

What's the problem. More people are hooked on prescription drugs than pot. We want less government intrusion on our lives and then we dictate how we want people to live. I say, let them smoke if that will make lives better for the seriously ill.

Please....prescription drugs, ciggaretts and alcohol are so much worse.

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