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Concord Farm convenience store to close

Red and Gold, the convenience store and gas station across the street from Concord High School is closing.

Owner Darrin Faraj confirmed last week that he’s selling his inventory and going out of business. He has owned the Pleasant Street store since June 2011. The store was previously called Concord Farm. Faraj changed its name last year to Red and Gold.

He said he’s not sure when the convenience store will close.

“I’m not even sure when – just as soon as possible, I guess,” he said.

Last January, Concord High School banned students from visiting the store during school hours because Faraj sold a product some people use to get high. K2, also known as Spice, mimics the effects of marijuana when inhaled. The version of K2 sold in New Hampshire is legal and only available to people older than 18.

Last year, Faraj told the Monitor that he did not sell K2 to students, even those who were 18.

Faraj declined to comment last week about his reasons for closing, or his experience with the school and K2.



Tax incentives adopted to spur development

Franklin’s city council has adopted two new tax incentives with the hope of spurring development in the downtown area and business district.

The first is a law that will allow the council to grant tax relief for structural improvements in the downtown area. The new law provides “a tremendous benefit to people who are willing to take a risk and renovate property in the downtown,” Mayor Ken Merrifield said.

The other is a Tax Increment Financing Plan for the Franklin Business District, which includes the industrial area on the west side of town and runs south along Route 3.

In a TIF district, as investment grows and property values increase, a portion of that increased revenue is kicked back to the district for improvements. It’s meant to attract new businesses to the area, and has a twofold advantage, said Jim Aberq, executive director of the Franklin Business and Industrial Development Corporation.

“It’s a financing tool for the city, but it’s also a marketing tool for us when we’re talking to prospects,” he said.

Merrifield called adopting these two tax incentives the most important thing that happened at the council’s February meeting.


Legacy Comments1

Hypocritical democrats will say this tax break for businesses is great all the while they fight the business scholarship program that gives children a CHOICE on which school they go to.

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