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Concord mother accused of harassing daughter’s ex-boyfriend pleads guilty

Tamie Cassidy

Tamie Cassidy

The Concord mom who peppered her 13-year-old daughter’s ex-boyfriend with sexual text messages, posing as another guy to make him jealous, has pleaded guilty to harassment.

Tamie Cassidy, 39, has been ordered to take part in parenting classes under the negotiated plea deal signed last week at Concord’s district court. The agreement also includes a 12-month prison sentence suspended pending two years of good behavior and a $1,000 fine, half of which will also be deferred for that period.

Cassidy was arrested shortly after a 13-year-old boy told an employee at Rundlett Middle School in early December that he had received a string of concerning text messages over the previous week. The police said the messages, more than 80 sent in eight days, seemed to be from a teenage boy and related to sexual acts involving Cassidy’s daughter.

“The content was concerning,” Concord police Lt. Timothy O’Malley said. “It was beyond something you could shrug off or write off as a joke.”

According to the police, about the same time as the text messages were being sent, Cassidy’s daughter received a bouquet of flowers at the school.

The police said Cassidy, who is a pharmacy technician at Concord Hospital, was responsible for the text messages and the flowers. But when an officer approached the mother, Cassidy said she was unable to find out who had sent her daughter the gift because the florist told her that the person paid with cash, O’Malley said.

O’Malley said Cassidy told the officer that she couldn’t remember the name of the florist, so the officer called several flower shops in town trying to find out who sent the bouquet to the school.

He said the officer eventually found the right shop, where Cassidy had paid for the flowers with her credit card.

The police have said Cassidy’s daughter was unaware of her mother’s actions.

Because she lied about the flowers, Cassidy was charged with making a false report to law enforcement. As part of the negotiated plea deal, that charge was placed on hold and will be dismissed if Cassidy has no criminal convictions in the next year.

The mother had also been charged with stalking. That charge was dismissed as part of the agreement.

A message left on a number previously used to reach Cassidy went unreturned.

(Tricia L. Nadolny can be reached at 369-3306 or or on Twitter @tricia_nadolny.)

Legacy Comments6

I'm glad they posted her picture. The extent this mother went through to harass a child is appalling.

Would you want your Mother's picture posted? Do you realize her daughter will be punished also, just because her Mother is an idiot? Her daughter will be embarassed, probably subject to harrassment by her peers at school, etc. I kinda of remember when I was 13 that everything my parents did was an embarassment. Stupid stuff like what they wore, how they talked, what tV shows they watched etc. I can not imagine how I would have dealt with my Mother having her photo plasted in the newspaper. Not sure I would be able to go to school or do anything. And I am sure I would hate my mother for it also. Very sad, the kids pay for the parents stupidity.

My point was quality of reporting Doc. Are we going to have photos in the CM every time someone is arrested? I agree if it is about the safety of the public, say an escaped convict, fine. I do not need a photo of a HS student that has been drinking, or an idiot like this that decides to harass her daughter's ex boyfriend. As far as rights for conservatives goes, seems lately between the AP and the IRS somebody wants to make sure that only the left has rights.

I tend to agree that a photo of the mom in this instance is overkill. It does not add much to the story. On the other hand, I think photos are helpful to the public in cases where the person was engaged in violent behavior, burglary, etc.

Why are these arrest photos so big? Is it me or is this becoming a newspaper that is starting to resemble the National Enquirer? Do folks really want to hear day after day about bad parents, drunken students, etc? Reminds me of the TV show Peyton Place. How about some articles that actually inform the reader. Now we have this woman's daughter embarassed. How will that help her?

It's what newspapers do. It's called freedom of the press. Rights, they're not just for Conservatives anymore.

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