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Video shows arrest at gun rally including gun store owner’s exchange with police

A video circulating on YouTube today shows the owner of one of the state’s largest gun stores kicking an officer’s keys and cursing at two other officers during a tense gun rally Tuesday in front of the State House.

Ralph Demicco, who owns Riley’s Sports Shop in Hooksett, had attended the event to protest against a gun control rally sponsored by Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a group co-founded by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The video also depicts the entirety of the arrest made Tuesday of Daniel Musso, a gun rights activist who, like Demicco, had been demonstrating against the rally.

You can see the video above. Demicco can be seen kicking the keys at about the 7:05 mark of the video.

Demicco apologized yesterday to the Concord Police Department. Read tomorrow’s paper for more on this story.

(Jeremy Blackman can be reached at 369-3319, or on Twitter @JBlackmanCM.)

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I basically stopped commenting here because there is very little exchange of ideas, mostly ranting and trying to shout the other guy down and not even try to understand their points. When someone starts a comment ' I just watched the "moron in chief" what is the point to read the rest of it. I do have to say I think the pro Ayotte ad is funny. I guess it is worse to have one billionaire from NY tell NH residents how to think, than two billionaires from Russia tell us.

Which category does "you are a horrible person"...fall into? Ranting, or shouting the other guy down?

Good you recognized yourself.

The most significant violation I could see in the video was the failure of the police vehicle to yield to the pedestrians in the crosswalk. The guy must must done something not seen In the video which prompted the arrest.

So what was the crime Musso committed in the first place? Interruping the liberal's speech?

Looked to me like he, along with everyone here, was questioning the names used in the Billionaire Vigil.

I couldnt hear what he was saying to the guy at the podium. From what I was able to gather, he was questioning the names of terrorists and cop killers being read, which we all agree was stupid and wrong. He was respectful, walked away and that should have been that. This is why this group of Bloombums just need to stay out of NH. Nothing but trouble. No good will come of it. None.

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