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Guinta announces run for Congress, will seek to face Shea-Porter again in 2014

Frank Guinta editorial board. October 26, 2012. Running for re-election in the first congressional district. 

(ANDREA MORALES / Monitor Staff)

Frank Guinta editorial board. October 26, 2012. Running for re-election in the first congressional district. (ANDREA MORALES / Monitor Staff)

Republican Frank Guinta will run for Congress next year against U.S. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter, he announced yesterday, seeking to reclaim the seat he won in 2010 and lost two years later.

“The news out of Washington is pretty depressing these days. Politicians in both parties seem more interested in fighting than making tough decisions and solving our problems. It’s so disappointing,” Guinta said in a video posted online. “But you know what? We can find common ground without sacrificing our principles. It just requires working together for the same goal. That’s how we do it here in New Hampshire.”

In the video, Guinta talks about his time as mayor of Manchester, a job he held from 2006 to 2009, but he doesn’t mention the two years he served in the U.S. House after defeating Shea-Porter in 2010. Shea-Porter, a Rochester Democrat first elected in 2006, defeated him in a 2012 rematch.

They will face off for a third time in 2014 – if Guinta is the GOP nominee. He appears likely to face a contested Republican primary in the 1st District, which includes Manchester, the Seacoast and part of the Lakes Region.

Portsmouth Republican Dan Innis, who has said he’s exploring a run in the 1st District, announced last week he will step down as dean of the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics at the University of New Hampshire, effective Nov. 1.

“I’m gauging my own plans on my own schedule and will go public with those plans in the next couple weeks,” Innis said yesterday.

Guinta, in his roughly two-minute announcement video, said the middle class “is really getting squeezed right now” and the federal government “can’t get anything done.”

“Washington needs to focus on helping the middle class. We need to reform government so we can protect things that really matter, like Medicare and Social Security. We need to promote economic policies that create opportunity and growth, so our small businesses can grow and create jobs,” Guinta said. “And while some politicians always think bigger government is the answer, in New Hampshire, we know better.”

Democrats blasted Guinta yesterday as he entered the race.

“Frank Guinta spent his time in Washington championing the Tea Party at the expense of New Hampshire families. . . . Frank Guinta’s notoriety as a rubber stamp for the far right wing and national Republicans cost him his seat last fall and he shouldn’t be surprised when New Hampshire voters reject him again for the very same reasons next year,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party spokesman Harrell Kirstein, in a statement.

Guinta wasn’t doing much fundraising before this summer. As of June 30, his campaign committee reported having $412.61 on hand and about $289,000 in debt, almost all of it personal loans from Guinta during the 2010 campaign.

As of June 30, Shea-Porter reported having about $140,000 on hand and no campaign debt.

Fundraising reports for the third quarter, which ends next Monday, are due to the Federal Election Commission by Oct. 15.

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Legacy Comments16

I can definitely say that the ACA is not working. All I have to do is look at the increase in my insurance premiums, most folks I know are now part time, narrower health care networks, I could go on but folks refuse to even know what the plan has in it nor the taxes they are about to get hit with. Nor do they have a clue about what they will pay out of pocket for the low cost plans with high deductibles. I like to know what I am voting for or who I am voting for. And the Reagan years were very good to me and many folks I know. The opportunities were there, more folks were working and a host of other good things. I did not agree with all his policies but in my opinion he did pretty good.

Well the Clinton years were very good to me and a lot of people I know. I do remember in 1983 trying to sell our home to move farther north and the interest rates were 18%. We gave up and finally moved in 1989 with a building loan and then housing market crashed in 90 and the Bush 1 recession came along. And of course we have the big Bush 2 collapse in 2008 which almost became a depression. No I am not sure our economy could survive another Republican pres. but of course if you are in the top 10%, I am sure you will do fine. How can you say the ACA is not working when it has not even been implemented yet? Do you remember how health insurance premiums were jumping in the 90s and 2000s? Isn't that why we needed health care reform? Why do Republicans have such selective memories? These are rhetorical questions no need for canned answers.

President Obama was re-elected because he promised more freebies to the folks who believe they are entitled and need govt to take care of them. He also was voted back in because many folks are uninformed and the media want to keep them that way. The Dems could have run Mickey Mouse and he would have beaten any rep because of the hatred for Bush. President Obama brought back to life the Kennedy Camelot times. A young candidate, good looking with a lovely family.

Can you be any more condescending than this? I'm not getting any freebies from the government, and the government does not take care of me any more than it takes care of you. I was not swayed by his youth or looks. I would not have voted for Mickey Mouse, and frankly, I was ok with McCain until I got to know his running mate. And liberal media? Hah!

I hit the submit too quickly. The problem with the media is not that it is either liberal or conservative... it's that it has to compete with entertainment, and and most media outlets prioritize their news stories accordingly. For example, even more than in the past, "if it bleeds, it leads."

Why else would he have been re elected FOF? How many folks are on govt programs these days, how many folks believe that the govt can print monopoly money without it having an impact, how many folks believe that anybody who disagrees with this President's policies is a racist, I could go on. The media is keeping folks uninformed, otherwise folks would have a clue about what is actually in the ACA, and for that matter anything this president does that might be different than what he is actually telling folks. That is my opinion, and my opinion is not directed at you FOF. You tell me why he was re elected. I really would like to know why you think he got re elected.

President Obama was reelected because Mitt Romney made it entirely too plain just how mean spirited the Republican party and his candidacy had become. More importantly, very importantly in fact, folks ought to stop alluding to monetary policy that doesn't even make it to comic book levels of economics. Monopoly money? How about you supply us a brief treatise on what you consider real money? If it includes the word "gold," the appropriate reference to Monopoly is: "Do not pass GO...."

The idea that folks want America to fail because of who is in the WH is really quite an insult to the American spirit. A good economy benefits everybody. The fact that folks cannot see this is quite unsettling. If your opposing party are the bad guys because they are funded by lobbyists, say business, what makes you think that your party is not bought out by lobbyists? Do you actually believe that your party is not owned by the folks that voted them in? If you believe that, I have a car I can sell you that was driven by an old lady every sunday to church.

Hoo-ray Jim!!! Not only do we need to rid ourselves of $ociali$t $hea-Porter, we need to neutralize O'Bummer while there is anything left of this country!

Didn't take long for you right wingers to get in the name calling dirt. I can see this is going to be a high class race.

Oh yeah Tillie, we can look to the Dems for class. Lets see, this President was elected on the idea that he could walk on water and create miracles. If you disagreed with him, you were called what by the left? You had no right to disagree with him. You folks are still doing what you did when this President was elected. Ignoring what he does, the impact of his policies, and come up with lame excuses why his policies are failing. It never occurs to any of you that he just cannot govern. Even when the impact of his policies are coming to light. Yet you still defend him. I still have not figured out why you ignore what is not working and are willing to allow these failed policies to continue. But then again, we see this time and again with the left. They refuse to believe that their great ideas do not work.

If his policies were failing, you wouldn't be so upset about them.

If the American people find Obama to be so bad, Why did they re-elect him? could it be they preferred his policies over the Republican alternative.

"They refuse to believe that their great ideas do not work. " Kinda like those who refuse to believe that the great ideas of the Reagan era don't work. Trickle-down, anyone? I know what's been trickled down to me, and it ain't wealth and abundance. As far as Obamacare not working.... it has not yet been fully implemented. You can't say that it's not working, anymore than you can say that the flour and eggs in the bowl aren't working because it's not yet a cake.

"$289,000 in debt, almost all of it personal loans" time to jump back in the race to get those personal loans repaid. Or tap another forgotten secret quarter million dollar account somewhere.

Go Frank Go. How can anyone vote for a democrat when their party cant even pass a budget in 5 years. The deficit democrats have increased the debt in 5 years from 10 trillion to $$$$$17 TRILLION using continuing resolution after continuing resolution. Their self made manufactured crisis to crisis governing is destroying America

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