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Five Guys to open in Concord

A rendering that's part of application to the city shows where the Five Guys restaurant will go in Concord's Fort Eddy Plaza.


A rendering that's part of application to the city shows where the Five Guys restaurant will go in Concord's Fort Eddy Plaza. Courtesy

Five Guys is coming to Concord.

The burger restaurant will open in Fort Eddy Plaza early next year. Franchise owner Cort Mendez said it will be the restaurant’s ninth location in New Hampshire.

“Concord has always been a market that I wanted to be in,” Mendez said. “It’s so well-populated. People ask me all the time, you know, ‘Are you going to open in Concord?’ ”

Mendez said he hopes to open in late January or early February. He will move the restaurant into Fort Eddy Plaza, in the storefront previously occupied by Hallmark. He will go before the Concord Planning Board this week for exterior sign approval, and hopes to begin renovations in November or December.

Mendez owns all of the Five Guys locations in New Hampshire. He opened the first one in Nashua in 2009 – today is the fourth anniversary of its opening. He now has a second Nashua restaurant, as well as locations in Manchester, Keene, Derry, Dover and West Lebanon. The newest store, in Portsmouth, is set to open within two weeks, Mendez said.

The restaurants are doing well enough that Mendez said he continues to plan new Five Guys locations.

“It’s always nice to be busier, I’ll be first to say that,” Mendez said. “But at the same time, it’s going well enough that it allows me to continue to expand. So, you know, assuming that it continues on that path, then I will do my best to keep expanding.”

Five Guys, known for its burgers and hand-cut fries, has more than 1,000 franchise locations in 47 states and Washington, D.C.

“What makes Five Guys a little unique in the marketplace is that everything is cooked to order,” Mendez said. “Everything is served fresh. In other words, there isn’t even a freezer on premises. All the fries are hand-cut every day. We use very high-quality ingredients. No additives, no preservatives. And you know, it’s kind of what really sets us apart.”

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It is cheaper to cook at home..love the excuses people have no time..common! By the time you dirve there, wait for meal and drive home..well you could have made several dinners. Quit with the excuses!

best burger within 50 miles of the capitol is Rock on Diner in Pembroke

If you build it they will come! Just look around and see where most folks eat. The place that offers cheap fast food will do well. That is why Mc Dees has been so successful. Dunkin does a pretty good business with their donuts also. Sadly we are passing down our bad diets to our kids. Nobody cooks anymore it seems. Understandable with both parents working. A good meal takes time to prepare and who wants to do that after 8 hours of work. Not an excuse, just reality. A smart parent would take a weekend now and then to cook all day and freeze everything for future meals. That includes dads by the way also taking turns cooking. We seem to also have elevated lunch to bigger meals. Nobody eats healthy small lunches. Have you seen the size of sandwiches these days, they are huge.

Great, another establishment where people can eat more of the types of food that will contribute to their waistline. Sure, it's all "fresh", but that will not matter in terms of calories and fat. If people want to see a change in the obesity epidemic and the explosion in type 2 diabetes cases, heart disease and more, then it is time to limit and not expand the availability of fast food. But of course if this type of fast food chain is popular elsewhere, it will do great in Concord as well. Just like UNO, McDonalds, Panera (plenty of calories there) and so on.... People, you should be eating dinner out as a special occasion and keep most of your meals to home cooked ones!

Good points and you are probably correct. I was looking through the Betty Crocker cook book the other day and honestly, my mom cooked from that book as did her mother and as did her grandmother. I have the original copy with recipes circled for those which they cooked most frequently. Surprisingly, my grandmother lived to 104, great grandmother lived to 99 and my mom is 89 in February. In their lifetime, a restaurant was a "treat" and was not the main source of their meals. Even more surprising were the recipes circled: fried tripe, chicken fried steak, sausage pie, cheese sandwich loaf, Southern Chicken upside down dinner, Pioneer macaroni and cheese, Welsh Rarebit with kidney beans, cheese fondue, creamed liver, scalloped potatoes, tuna-potato chip casserole. My point is that much has to do with genetics and not really diet. No two people have the same metabolism nor do they have the same genetics. Your point in general is a valid one. However, healthy choices can be found in all of the fast food places, most have salads. I eat at a steak house every week when I travel for the salad bar. I could order the veal or the calorie laden meals but it is more about personal responsibility but home cooked can be just as unhealthy.

Quote: "it is time to limit and not expand the availability of fast food" .... do you have a proposal how you would accomplish that?

Five Guys will get old pretty fast. There are far better burger concepts. When Five Guys started out, they were pretty good but the quality can be a little "iffy". The best burger concepts have moved beyond the Five Guys model.

OMG I LOVE 5 Guys!!!!!!! :)

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