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Winnisquam freshman Lauren Bolstridge is in the High School Spotlight

This week in the High School Spotlight, it’s Lauren Bolstridge. Lauren, a Winnisquam freshman, has scored a ton of goals as a forward for the field hockey team, has a flair for science and thinks any kind of sandwich is a good sandwich.

Concord Monitor: What was it like learning that you’d be a freshman on the varsity field hockey squad?

Lauren Bolstridge: I was really intimidated by everybody, and I was always really nervous for every game and practice. I’m always really quiet, but once the season went on, they (the team) all welcomed me really well. And now we’re really close.

CM: How have your teammates helped out during your first season on the field?

LB: If I ever have any questions about teams or anything, we always look up to each other and ask each other, and we all just work together as a team, which really helps.

CM: So they have your back off the field too, right?

LB: They always make sure we’re (the freshmen) doing okay. Like, they make sure we’re being treated well, which is always really nice because sometimes we get picked on, and it can really affect our play on the field and at practice.

CM: How did you get your start playing field hockey?

LB: When I first started playing, I was in sixth grade, and I wasn’t really sure if I was going to play field hockey or soccer because I would have been a soccer player. But my friend on the team was like, “Oh, you should totally play field hockey.” So I took her advice, and on the first day I fell in love with it, and I really loved it.

CM: Your team made it to the playoffs as a No. 7 seed. Were you expecting to do so well?

LB: No, I expected us to do pretty well, but not this well.

CM: You’ve scored a bunch of goals. Were you expecting the personal success?

LB: Last year in middle school I scored a lot of points, which I thought was kind of because of positioning because I played on the forward line. I didn’t expect to do so well this year, especially on the varsity level because it’s a lot more challenging. But it’s a nice surprise that I scored a lot of goals this year.

CM: When you’re not playing field hockey, where can we find you?

LB: I play on the softball team, so I play a lot of softball. But I also still practice a lot of field hockey – even outside of practice, I still practice field hockey. And also other sports.

CM: What’s your favorite class?

LB: Ooo . . . my favorite class is probably science. I don’t really know why I like science, it’s just really easy to me.

CM: Food?

LB: Probably sandwiches, I don’t know.


LB: I literally like every single song. You can play any song and I’ll love it.

CM: Movie?

LB: Footloose.

CM: Do you have a shout-out for anyone?

LB: Probably Erin McNamara because I really look up to her and she was one of the people who really made me feel comfortable on the team.

CM: Anyone else?

LB: Okay, probably to Kris McNamara and Cherie Snow for teaching me basically everything I know about field hockey, and teaching me all the skills I need to know. So yeah.

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