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Concord police, SWAT team raid West Street home, make two arrests in drug bust

In what is being described as a major and ongoing narcotics investigation, the Concord police and an area SWAT team raided a home at 33 West St., in the city's South End neighborhood, early this morning, arresting two individuals and charging each with drug-related offenses.

Concord police Chief John Duval said the raid took place sometime before sunrise. In coordination with the Central New Hampshire Special Operations Unit, officers entered the home and arrested Leslee Drew-Kennett and Randy Santos, he said. They have been charged with possession and multiple counts of selling uncontrolled drugs. Each is scheduled for arraignment later this morning at Concord's district court.

"This is a significant case, especially for the South End," Duval said. He said neighbors have been concerned for months about drug activity in the area.

Details of the investigation are expected to be made available in a press release and an arrest affidavit later today.

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Heroes all...and they did this without the Bearcat and Chief Duval blowing his tin horn as they stormed the property. I wonder if they have a turret on top of the Bearcat where Duval can stand with a sword as they chase down those Free Staters and Occupy folks.

That's a little scary, and much too close to home. My congratulations to the CPD, now if you only could do something about the idiot drivers in this city that try to kill me every day.

Reading what you post here sometimes, it may be intentional.

As a parent of a child addicted to these drugs, I have seen the violence that comes with it, I am happy they used the swat team to make sure the violence did not escalate. There is nothing civilized with todays drug pushers, the money is to great, they will defend there business when they have to and if you think concord is any different than any where else, than I pray you never have to learn the truth of that life.

too great & defend their

where was the armored vehicle?

I was kind of under the impression that drug dealers are often armed. I would say that using the SWAT Team was definitely justified.

Idiotic drama. There is no excuse to ever use a swat team in Concord. We are far too civilized to use that nonsense here.

Except that we are close to living in a police state. Boys with an authority complex feeding their egos as if they are really in a big city with a big threat.

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