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The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood: William Edic of Massachusetts

William Edic.

(Courtesy photo)

William Edic. (Courtesy photo)

William Edic, 31, did not adopt his white supremacist views after he entered the Concord state prison. He arrived at an earlier stop, the Merrimack County jail, wearing “Aryanwear” boots, inked with the word “skinhead” on his throat and a history of violence toward foreigners and gays.

Edic is now facing second-degree murder charges for the 2010 fatal beating of prison inmate Anthony Renzzulla, who Edic and others allegedly suspected of snitching.

His available criminal history begins 10 years ago in Palm Springs, Calif.

Edic and another man were arrested there for assaulting two Polish tourists who’d accidentally bumped into them, according to press reports at the time. Edic and the other man became angry when the Polish tourists couldn’t apologize in English, and they stabbed one of the tourists, the police said.

“They’re some wannabe white supremacists,” Palm Springs Sgt. Dennis Graham told the Associated Press at the time. “They will walk down the street and will jam up anyone they can. They’re not actually looking for blacks, gays or Hispanics. They’re just looking to be violent.”

Edic, now a member of the Brotherhood of White Warriors, according to authorities, was convicted in that case of assault with a violent weapon. The specifics of his sentence were not available.

In July 2009, Edic was arrested again, with a friend, in Portsmouth and charged with second-degree assault for beating a man badly enough to break his nose and leave him with serious facial injuries. The man was assaulted inside a Portsmouth hotel room and identified Edic as one of his attackers, Foster’s Daily Democrat reported at the time.

The nature of the relationship between Edic and the victim was not described, and the investigating detective did not return a message.

At the time, Edic was on parole for a 2006 criminal mischief conviction out of Merrimack County. In that case, Edic and a friend damaged a vehicle in Hopkinton because Edic believed the two women inside it were gay and he disapproved, according to court records.

Edic was serving time at the Concord prison for the Portsmouth assault in 2010 when he and another inmate allegedly stomped and kicked Renzzulla to death, according to court records. Edic also allegedly dragged Renzzulla away and helped clean up the scene.

Witnesses identified Edic as one of Renzzulla’s assailants, in part, by describing his disfigured hands, the result, he has told others, of a birth defect.

Edic did not return a request for an interview.


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