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Anthem extends deadline for individual policyholders to renew, but will not sell old plans in 2014

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Hampshire has extended the renewal date for canceled health insurance plans to Dec. 16, the second extension issued this fall for people who could lose their doctors as a result of changes in the individual insurance market next year.

Anthem is the largest insurer on the individual market in the state, and last month, the company alerted most of those customers that their current plans would not be offered next year because they didn’t meet the new, higher standards of the Affordable Care Act.

Under New Hampshire law, those customers could renew until Nov. 15 and secure 12 more months of their current plan. Anthem pushed that deadline to Dec. 1 and yesterday announced that customers have another two weeks.

The federal and state governments announced earlier this month they wouldn’t enforce the new higher standards for insurance plans for another year, but it would be up to insurance companies to decide whether they want to sell the old ones after Jan. 1.

“Given that members might have some confusion, we felt it was important they have more time to evaluate their options and make the decision that’s right for themselves,” said Chris Dugan, Anthem’s spokesman in New Hampshire.

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So you get to keep your Dr for one more year. Big deal. Concord Hospital is not in the exchange. Ya this is a great idea. Thank You Jeanne Shaheen for being the deciding vote and PROMISING we could keep our Dr and Ins. Thank You Shea Porter and former Rep Paul Hodes for supporting this as well. Maybe... just maybe had you actually held face to face meetings with voters and not hold selective telephone town hall meetings we wouldn't be in this mess.

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