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The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood: Prison slang

Slang words are in bold.

Put on Front Street – To be insulted or disrespected in a way that must be answered. Also known as “called out.”

TOS – “Terminate On Site.” A directive used by BOWW to punish someone for snitching or otherwise undermining the gang, according to prison officials. A TOS was allegedly placed on Randall Chapman in 2012, as word spread that he was cooperating with the police in their investigation of inmate Anthony Renzzulla’s 2010 assault.

Punk you off – Similar to “front street.” Example: “If someone punks you off and you don’t respond, you’re going to be known as their ‘b---h.’ ”

B---h – A prisoner who is more or less enslaved to another.

Ride with – To do favors – often sexual in nature – for a fellow inmate, in exchange for protection, contraband, prison currency or commissary items.

Keep/Stay Aways – Classification used to separate two inmates who have a concerning previous affiliation, e.g. have fought each other or have been ordered by a court not to come in contact with each other.

Jacket – An inmate’s background information – his rap sheet. Also used to describe his reputation among other prisoners.

Keister – To hide contraband in one’s rectum. Also known as “taking it to the hoop,” “putting it in the safe” and “packing the rabbit.”

Kite – A letter lined with or concealing contraband.

Source: Tim Coulombe, Department of Corrections


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