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Hassan campaign returns additional $9,000 in contributions

Gov. Maggie Hassan’s campaign returned $33,000 in contributions from two political action committees Monday.

The attorney general’s office ruled last week that Hassan had to return $24,000 to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers PAC because it was received a day late. But the campaign confirmed yesterday that it also returned $9,000 to a different political committee, as first reported by the Telegraph.

At issue with both of the donations is the day they were received. According to the attorney general’s office, a candidate can collect unlimited PAC donations through his or her candidate committee before he or she officially files for office. But Hassan’s campaign took the contributions from the IBEW and the plumbers and steamfitters political committee June 13, the day after she filed. The New Hampshire Republican Party, which filed the initial complaint, filed a second complaint about the plumbers and steamfitters donation yesterday, but Hassan’s campaign said it returned those funds Monday.

The campaign hasn’t received any other donations that will need to be returned based on the attorney general’s ruling, campaign spokesman Aaron Jacobs said. In a statement, he said that both checks were written June 12, but that they were not physically picked up until the 13th.

“While the June 12, 2014 contribution by the Plumbers and Steamfitters political committee was issued before the deadline, the funds were physically delivered the next day and the campaign already returned the funds on Monday in line with the new guidance. The 2012 contribution was both issued and physically delivered the day of the filing,” Jacobs said.

The state Republican Party called on Hassan to release her full campaign finance report before the Aug. 20 deadline, but Jacobs said the campaign will not file early. In response to the news about the returned $9,000 contribution, Republican Party Chairwoman Jennifer Horn said Hassan is engaging in a “troubling pattern of illegal behavior.”

“The dark ethical cloud hanging over the Hassan Administration has undermined public confidence in state government and called Governor Hassan’s integrity into question. It’s time for the governor to come clean by disclosing any further illegal donations she may have received and immediately releasing her campaign finance reports,” Horn said.

Jacobs called the Republican Party’s attacks “desperate” and an effort to distract from its own bad candidates.

“It’s clear from the New Hampshire Republican Party’s desperate attacks that they’re trying to distract from the fact that their candidates are simply rehashing the same disastrous Bill O’Brien/Koch Brothers agenda that voters rejected in 2012 . . . Granite Staters support Governor Hassan because she’s moving the state in the right direction and getting things done for New Hampshire’s people, businesses and economy,” he said.

(Kathleen Ronayne can be reached at 369-3309 or or on Twitter @kronayne.)

Legacy Comments1

Thanks for the details. Re: " both checks were written June 12, but that they were not physically picked up until the 13th. " Picked up and "cashed" that day or later into what? Greenbacks? Were the FRNS / Federal Reserve Notes ever monetized? The reason I ask is that each of these notes denominated from the one ($1.00) dollar George Washington to the one ($100) hundred dollar Ben Franklin Currency are bought at only 6-cents each by this and that A-L 1-12 Federal Reserve Bank (as you can still see the private corporate seals on the $1s and $2s) from The BEP / Bureau of Engraving & Printing. It is only WHEN they are shipped to their member banks in this and that district (have you noticed OTHER district notes in packs here sometimes?, re: other than A for Boston) that they are SUPPOSED to be monetized by the Fed putting on deposit with our agent of "Uncle Sam" so much gold bullion per that pallet of notes, as required by Section 16, Part 15 thereof the contract: The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 OR by Uncle Sam getting a gold certificate from the Fed of the Fed holding the gold for us. Have you EVER seen one of these certificates? OR verified the note in your wallet as having been monetized? When was the last AUDIT of NOT the private Fed, but of The Treasury ever been done to prove that these notes are not fiat, as dispensed illegally? And The Treasury has the gall to accept such as payment on bids of the auction of land as PHYSICAL property for what they have printed up of ink to paper! with-OUT an accounting! I KNOW because I sent a photocopy of one such $1.00 note for to see the proof of it monetized and you know what? They, in effect, told me to: get lost! So much for the state check and balance against the Feds when their agents come into this state and refuse to deposit their required RSA Ch. 123:1 paperwork with our Secretary of State. And then have the audacity to TELL/ORDER our state courts when we have an action against a Federal creep to ignore their own statutes, as in 28USC636(c)(1) requires the consent of BOTH parties: plaintiff and defendant, but that the local district court judges in two courts that I KNOW of (Goffstown* and Haverhill**) allow the Feds to Remove and dismiss against our Article 12 inhabitants. I've told this to the G&C in Judge Paul Moore's case* but that Hassan ignores such check and so in effect does "kiss up" to Uncle Sam! Some would say she is a "brown-noser"! I call her a thief! for taking her paycheck every 2 weeks while NOT doing her job. It's about time for a new Chief Executive who is not a wimp! In Haverhill** it was by Judge Jean K. (Mrs. Peter Hoe) Burling in case #2005-C-033 when she allowed her Clerk Rbt.Bruce Muh (since retired to Littleton) to Remove the case from there against Attorney Tom Colantuono, and so Hassan being an attorney too takes the stance that a Brother or Sister of The Bar Assn. can do no wrong! It's time for a private businessman to take over. One with "guts".

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