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Brown campaign out with new ad on immigration

Scott Brown’s campaign will begin airing its second immigration ad this week, once again linking the problems at the border directly to U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen.

“Want to know why there is lawlessness on the border? Ask Senator Shaheen,” Brown says into the camera. “She voted against border security twice and for amnesty.”

Immigration has been a talking point of the Brown campaign for several weeks. Brown’s first immigration ad, released July 28, also focused on border security. He was the first U.S. Senate candidate to air an ad on immigration in response to the border crisis. He also aired an accompanying radio ad.

Shaheen did vote against two amendments that would have required the completion of fences along the United States border with Mexico. Brown was not in the Senate for either of those votes. Regarding amnesty, Brown’s ad refers to Shaheen’s support for the DREAM Act, which would have allowed minors who came here illegally to stay here. Brown voted against that.

But Brown’s ad does not mention that Shaheen voted for a “border surge” amendment included in the comprehensive immigration reform bill passed by the U.S. Senate last summer. That large bill required a number of security measures to go into effect before other provisions of the law, such as a path to citizenship, could begin. Republican U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte also voted for the comprehensive bill.

“The fact is that Jeanne Shaheen voted to strengthen border security with comprehensive immigration reform, just like Kelly Ayotte,” Shaheen campaign spokesman Harrell Kirstein said recently in response to attacks on Shaheen’s immigration record.

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Legacy Comments3

Shaheen just wants to turn NH blue, with a little help of her illegals...

That sham of an immigration bill asks the country to TRUST that NObama would follow the laws as written - How has that worked out so far? Obama has taught us the lesson that our Constitution and legal structure dont secure the Republic. "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream." ... Ronald Reagan. What is more of a concern is that democrats actually re-elected the failure known as NObama. Old and tired ideas Shaheen is a supporter of Harry Gridlock Reid and NObama and she needs to be replaced to save America.

Shaheen is a CAREER POLITICIAN. Shaheen is the party of the problem in DC not the solution. She supports Harry GRIDLOCK Reid and the do nothing democrat run Senate - 352 bills that passed the House are awaiting action on democrat leader Harry GRIDLOCK Reid’s desk. 98% passed with bipartisan support – Nearly 70% passed with 2/3rds support or more – Over 50% passed with no opposition at all - And 55 were introduced by Democrats. Voting for Shaheen is a vote for more GRIDLOCK

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