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In first TV ad, Lambert attacks Garcia on amnesty for illegal immigrants

Republican Congressional candidate Gary Lambert has released his first television ad, which spends 20 seconds introducing the candidate and his background, and 10 seconds attacking primary opponent Marilinda Garcia.

Lambert is a former one-term state senator from Nashua. Garcia is a four-term state representative from Salem. Jim Lawrence, a former state representative from Hudson, is also running in the Republican primary; the winner of the Sept. 9 election will face Democrat Rep. Annie Kuster.

The ad shows Lambert with his wife and two daughters, and then as a young Marine, and in fatigues and a flak vest, in what appears to be the Middle East.

“I’ll stop Obama’s amnesty and demand a secure border,” he says in the ad, which then switches to a female narrator who says Garcia “endorsed Obama’s amnesty plan, giving citizenship to illegals.”

It refers to a resolution at the 2013 National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators which said, in part, “legalizing the undocumented population lets us know who is living within our nation’s borders and allows our public safety representatives and first responders to focus time and resources on criminal elements intent on threatening our nation, citizens, freedoms, and way of life.”

Garcia was one of 12 co-sponsors of the resolution.

“The resolution cited in the ad is simply an effort by Marilinda to put a solution on the table – a solution that does not include amnesty. She believes the fact that millions of people are in the U.S. illegally, making money, not paying taxes, and often receiving taxpayer-funded benefits, is a real problem. Figuring out how to deal with this problem – starting with getting them to pay their taxes – is her goal,” her spokesman, Kenny Cunningham, said in a statement.

Lambert’s campaign spent $20,000 on airtime for the ad, according to WMUR.

Garcia has not yet broadcast any television commercials, but outside groups appear to be doing it for her. Club for Growth, which endorsed Garcia, has spent more than $100,000 on television ads in her favor.

(Sarah Palermo can be reached at 369-3322 or spalermo@cmonitor.com or on Twitter @SPalermoNews.)

Legacy Comments2

Shame on you Sarah for several things: First of not telling us that Lambert is a lawyer, of will he discard his Bar membership if elected?, and second of you're writing of: "in the Republican primary; the winner of the Sept. 9 election WILL face Democrat Rep. Annie Kuster." (emphasis ADDed.) of this is a "will" of IF , of actually a "may"be IF she is not chosen as the eliminated one (rather than Shea-Porter) when Hassan (all three of them Democrats BTW) does her Article 51 subtraction duty to the penalty prescribed in Section 2 of the 14th Amendment that your newspaper continues its cover-up of that case #297 at the Merrimack County Superior Court against her that Garcia knows about too as a current public servant but who is too chicken to do any check-and-balance from this other branch of government. So much for them of highlighted only in your publication that ought to NOT be called The "Monitor" as in to warn us of this, BUT that of an American Pravda, of your definition of what is The TRUTH that has by your decision of like a doctor to her patients of having to be spoon-fed so much as we can only take so much of the truth at a time.

Joey, when will you - if ever - drop this whole XIV Amendment Section 2 nonsense? It is totally, let me repeat: TOTALLY, irrelevant to anything you have ever written about here. And what difference does it make that Lambert is an attorney? This stuff must be channeled from America's tax-evading sweethearts, Ed & Elaine Brown

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