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Scott Brown jokes about voter fraud

Scott Brown recently told conservative talk show host Howie Carr that out-of-state voters who support him should cross the border and vote for him on Election Day.

Brown campaign says he was joking, but voter fraud hasn’t historically been a joking matter in New Hampshire – especially if you ask Republicans. Boston.com first reported the comments, which Brown made on Carr’s show in August. His comments came in response to a caller from Connecticut who asked why New Hampshire voters should support Brown.

“Well they can come over and do same-day registration and say they want to come down and vote. So if they feel compelled to do so, come on down,” Brown said.

Carr laughed in response.

“As pointed out, he was clearly joking,” Brown spokeswoman Elizabeth Guyton said, referring to a comment she gave Boston.com.

But the comment is likely to raise eyebrows for a few reasons. First, Brown’s been consistently labeled as a carpetbagger since he moved to New Hampshire from Massachusetts in December. Joking about getting support from out of state voters doesn’t exactly help erase that label.

Second, state Republicans don’t take claims of voter fraud lightly. New Hampshire voters can register to vote on Election Day, but the Republican-led House championed stricter rules in 2012 that limited the acceptable forms of registration and required anyone without a photo identification to have their pictures taken by election workers. Suspicion of voter fraud, which had little evidence, drove the changes in part. The 2013 Legislature, in turn, walked back some of those restrictions.

In 2013, the state Republican party filed a formal complaint against Democrats over voter fraud. In the complaint, the party alleged Democratic campaign workers who listed their address at the home of a Democratic state senator shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Democrats, in turn, said both parties have campaign staffers who work here temporarily yet vote in New Hampshire on Election Day.

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The man is an idiot. The masculine Sarah Palin. Fox was just perfect for them.

Why are you so hateful.

Oh BOY!!!!!! Democrats think that they have him now. Let's get down to brass tacks. If you like what Obama has done to our country over the past 6 years, vote for Shaheen, she will continue the destruction of our country. If you like the lack of jobs, the massive debt, IRS scandal, the lies about keeping your insurance and doctor and massive deceptions, vote for Shaheen. If you care about and love your country vote for anyone but Shaheen be it Brown or anyone else.l

Voter fraud??? How do you think Obozo got elected twice? We ask for I.D.s to cash a check or often to use a credit card, among other things, but to vote, just wonder in and say you live in town, and you're good to go. The town even requires a positive I.D. to register a car, and they're making money from that! Show only something like a rent receipt or a light bill (easily created with today's technology) and go check all the boxes under "D". During the 2008 election, just before the poles closed a bunch of critters came wandering in and registered to vote. They all had receipts indicating they live in town, but no one had ever seen them before, and no one has seen them since, and believe me, the way they were dressed, someone would have seen them. Probably several observers in the next town were wondering the same thing. I wish I had gone outside and followed them to the next stop.

crank, Obama got elected by promising something he has failed to deliver; change ('pocket change' doesn't count). Gee Dubya, however, got elected via the pride of Florida; Katherine Harris & her Hanging Chads. Glass houses, buddy.

Now, now, even the NY Times admitted that Gore still would not have won.

Well, Larry, how about this from this morning's Union Leader: "New Hampshire Democrats have viewed voter fraud as a serious Election Day strategy and even used Democratic state Sen. Martha Fuller Clark's Portsmouth mansion as a safe harbor for outof- state voters," Granted, that quote came from the Republican party, but we really do need to tighten this system up. As far as the hanging chads, that went through several layers of courts before it was decided.

You're quoting the Union Leader to support your argument, crank? Really? That's like some candidate getting an endorsement from their own mother. Pretty weak stuff, crank. Even for you.

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