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Boscawen man found guilty of robbing drug dealer at gunpoint

After a weeklong trial that included testimony from more than a dozen witnesses, Richard Grandmont of Boscawen was convicted yesterday of robbing a drug dealer at gunpoint two years ago.

A jury in Merrimack County Superior Court found Grandmont, 61, guilty of multiple felony charges, including criminal threatening, armed robbery and possession of narcotic drugs, said Assistant County Attorney Joseph Cherniske. He was accused of entering an apartment in Boscawen where the dealer was staying, pointing a handgun at him and a friend, demanding cash and drugs, and then striking each man in the head with the butt of his weapon. Cherniske, who prosecuted the case, said a sentencing date has yet to be set.

Grandmont, who represented himself at trial, has also been charged on a federal count of unlawful possession of a firearm, because he was convicted of bank robbery in 1981 and therefore prohibited from owning a gun. That case has yet to go to trial.


Legacy Comments3

Drugs are the #1 problem in NH. Time to legalize it to take the profit out of the drug dealers hands. We currently deal with the drug addictions now, so maybe, just maybe crime will go down. Anyone who thinks this isn't the big problem in NH and the nation is fooling themselves.

Sure, do away with speed limits and they'll be no more speeders, right?

Convicted of robbing a drug dealer at gunpoint? I hope they sentence him to a one week paid vacation to Disneyworld.

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