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Woman dies after chase, police-involved shooting in Manchester

Authorities investigate at the scene of last night's shooting in Manchester.  (Jeffrey Hastings / For the Monitor)

Authorities investigate at the scene of last night's shooting in Manchester. (Jeffrey Hastings / For the Monitor)

A woman died after a police chase ended in an officer-involved shooting in Manchester last night, according to the state attorney general’s office.

“An adult female has been shot and killed, and it’s under investigation,” said Senior Assistant Attorney General Jeff Strelzin.

The police pursuit that led to the shooting began on Interstate 89 in Bow, said state police Lt. Nicole Armaganian. She referred further questions to the attorney general’s office, which is handling the investigation.

Strelzin said last night he could not provide details about the police chase. The victim’s identity was not released last night, as officials worked to notify her family.

The scene of the shooting, near the intersection of Kennard and Mammoth roads in Manchester, was still blocked off late last night.

Neighbors said the shooting happened about 6:30 p.m.

Ryan Laliberte, who lives on the corner of Kennard and Mammoth roads, said he heard what sounded like fireworks. He went outside when he heard sirens approaching.

Laliberte said he saw many police cars, and someone was transported from the scene in an ambulance.

“It’s discomforting, having something happen in this part of Manchester,” Laliberte said.

A crowd of neighbors gathered near the scene of the shooting last night but began to disperse after 9 p.m.

The incident was one of two shootings involving the police in New Hampshire last night, and the second police-involved shooting to end in a death in the past six weeks.

In Dover last night, according to WMUR, a person barricaded in an apartment opened fire on the police. No further details were available.

In Weare on Aug. 14, Alex Cora DeJesus, 35, was shot in the head by the police as he tried to flee the scene of an undercover drug bust. He died that night. The two Weare officers who fired on DeJesus, a suspected heroin dealer from Manchester, have not been identified pending a state investigation.

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The new police policy: shoot first, ask questions much, much later. Innocent until "proven" guilty just a waste of valuable resources.

Yup, "pending investigation." It'll be pending until everyone forgets about it. There is no need for the number of bullet holes in that windshield. Nothing to see here, folks, we're just waiting for the broom and someone to pick up the rug.

What is the number of bullet holes that there was a need for, and how do you know? Does it depend upon whatever was actually happening? When and if we actually hear "nothing to see here folks, etc." instead of open results of an important investigation, we can always demand (much!) better.

The bullet holes in the windshield suggest she was driving directly toward the officer who shot her. I look forward to understanding the details of what happened.

For all we know now, the woman might have had a gun and begun firing first, before the police had any realistic chance for a peaceful resolution. I do share your concern for a thorough and openly reported investigation.

I don't understand this. Why was it necessary to kill this woman just for running from the police? If they got close enough to shoot her they got close enough to see her license plate and just arrest at her house for running. I hope this is thoroughly investigated. Shooting someone, especially without a gun should be a last resort.

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