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The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood: Founder’s creed

In a phone interview from prison, Jesse Jarvis, one of BOWW’s four alleged founders and its president at one time, according to officials, described five tenets of the group.

1. BOWW is the result of a natural phenomena which takes place whenever strong white men are threatened by the unity of their adversaries. Most of my brothers are strong family men that want to motivate positive change in the community. It’s always been about helping our families and our fellow white brothers that find themselves in need of help.

2. We live our lives as a testament to the 14 words: “We must secure the existence of our race for the future of white children.”

3. We are not a gang. We are a brotherhood which is manifested from the warrior spirit which lays within the Aryan race.

4. It’s never been about hatred for other races, it was always about the love for one’s own race, and the self-preservation to protect that race.

5. We also live to honor the memories of such warriors as David Duke, Richard Kelly Hoskins and George Lincoln Rockwell. We embody the spirit of these great men. Let the noise be heard.


N.H.’s Brotherhood of White Warriors Part 1: Origins

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

On the night of Feb. 1, two men clutching handguns approached a minivan on a residential street near Memorial Field in Concord. One wore a hood, the other a hockey mask. Reaching the vehicle, according to police reports, they threw open its doors and forced the driver into the back. The driver was pinned against his seat, struck in the …

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