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N.H. ranks 1st in nation again in Kids Count survey

New Hampshire remains the top state in a national survey of children’s well-being.

The Annie E. Casey Foundation Kids Count Data Book released yesterday shows that, based on data from 2010 and 2011, there are fewer children in the state without health insurance; the teen birth rate has dropped by 11 percent to an historic low; and the rate of high school students not graduating in four years has declined. The teen death rate also has decreased.

Vermont was the second-best state in child well-being, followed by Massachusetts.

But the negative impact of the recession remains evident. The data showed an increase in New Hampshire children living in high poverty areas. In 2011, the child poverty rate stood at 12 percent in the state, or 33,000 children – an increase of 2,000 children since 2009.

“We know that we still have work to do to improve the lives of children in our state,” said Ellen Fineberg, executive director of the Children’s Alliance of New Hampshire.

The survey showed that the number of children living in households where both parents lack full-time employment – 65,000 in 2011 – is a minor improvement from 2010. But it was still more than 4,000 more than in 2008. Nationally, the number of children whose parents lacked full-time employment throughout the year was nearly 20 percent higher than in 2008.

New Hampshire has had the highest score in the country in 11 of the last 12 years.

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We may be number one in the country but as a country we should be ashamed of the state of children as a whole. Who wants to be the best of a second rate country with limited access to health care and education. This country should br first and best.

America use to be tops in all categories until LIBERALISM took hold......

Of course GWTW. You will never see a leftie admit what NH does best, even when we read about national rankings. The idea that the left want to put forth, is that NH does nothing well, so they can keep on their quest to turn NH into a progressive state like MA or CA. Hard to justify taxing folks more, when the news says NH does this and that better than most.

NH keeps getting voted most livable state, now 1st in child well being...yet we hear the daily left drumbeat of the whole system needing to be changed.

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