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Hassan calls government shutdown “reckless and unnecessary” as it comes to an end

Gov. Maggie Hassan is welcoming the end of the federal government shutdown but declaring that “the days of Washington operating by showdown must end.”

In a statement late last night after Congress voted to reopen the government after a 16-day shutdown, Hassan, a Democrat, said the fight over the budget and the debt ceiling had created uncertainty that hurt the economy.

“While I am pleased that Congress finally reached an agreement to end the federal government shutdown and avert a catastrophic default, this entire episode was reckless and unnecessary, and it caused real harm to New Hampshire’s families and economy,” Hassan said in the statement.

She added, “In New Hampshire, members of both parties have proven we can work together constructively to pass a budget on time and to solve problems on behalf of the people of our state. Washington must now do the same.”

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sail... "Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me," You've climbed aboard your star ship, and are headed for the skies. The Grand Illusion - Styx is in your eyes.

This week Bill Clinton said " Constant conflict is actually often good politics". What we saw this week was Democracy in action - and that is what Haggie called "reckless and unnecessary"...hmmmmm

I think costing the government 24 Billion dollars qualifies as reckless and unnecessary. Especially, considering the Tea Party screwballs got nothing.

That is an absolute unfounded false figure. When one consumes too much liberal media one starts to believe their stuff. The Responsible Principled Republicans have indeed helped the American people - it is just not in any media the left reads.

When did the Wall Street Journal become a liberal newspaper?

I notice Sail quibbles about the figure (which every outlet agrees on) so he obviously agrees it was a a right wing shut down. The shut down and threat of default shaved 1/2 percent of our growth. This from Standard and Poor's The Republicans were neither principled or responsible, if they weren't all gerrymandered they would all be fired next year for gross incompetence.

Care to show the metrics that calculated this figure - YA cant - just liberal media hyped hogwash

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