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Sorry, N.H. Young Republicans: Sanborn isn’t running for the U.S. Senate

No, state Rep. Laurie Sanborn isn’t running for the U.S. Senate.

The New Hampshire Young Republicans held their annual lobster bake and straw poll Saturday, and Sanborn — a Bedford Republican now serving her second term in the House – was the runner up for the U.S. Senate with 25 percent, just behind former Massachusetts senator Scott Brown at 28 percent.

Sanborn said she was surprised to find herself on the Senate ballot Saturday since, “unless something dramatically changes,” she’s not running in 2014.

“I am not planning a run for the U.S. Senate at this time,” Sanborn said today.

She said she isn’t ruling it out “for the future,” but for now she’s focused on helping the Republicans win back a majority in the House next year.

Sanborn is a member of the House GOP leadership as “policy leader” and sits on two powerful committees, the House Rules Committee and the House Ways and Means Committee. She owns The Draft in Concord with her husband, state Sen. Andy Sanborn, who last month announced he won’t seek the governor’s office in 2014.

Behind Sanborn in Saturday’s straw poll: 19 percent for Charlie Bass, 16 percent for Jim Rubens and 12 percent for Karen Testerman. Bass has said he’s exploring a run for the Senate, while Rubens and Testerman have both announced they’ll seek the Republican nomination to face Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen.

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Legacy Comments6

We agree on Bass. He is a terrific candidate. From what I read though, he really did not want to run last time, so it is doubtful he would run again. The GOP would welcome a moderate candidate. That is pretty obvious after what happened with the shutdown. The problem is we have radicals now in politics. Both sides. The idea that folks who are republican want radicals is incorrect. Being concerned about fiscal responsibility in regards to the economy, fraud and jobs is not a bad thing. Being concerned about social issues is. That is the main problem with the GOP. Most folks are centralists. And informed folks can see the big picture as opposed to focusing on one issue. The main problem with the Dems is that they totally ignore jobs, economy, policing their entitlements etc. They refuse to accept the idea that a program is not working. A poor understanding of the folks who have elected them is a huge problem. The Dems count on their supporters to be bribed with freebies, and the Reps are all about social issues. The Reps have great plans fiscally, but that gets lost in their social stances. We have elected a bunch of clowns.

Rabbit, you are always good for a laugh. This is how your sentence should read, "the main problem with Republicans is that they totally ignore jobs, economy, with their obsession on trying to cut Obamacare and giving tax breaks to billionaires. Their obsession is so overwhelming that they will shut down the government, ruin the US economy and even destroy their own party to do it."

Last time I checked Tillie, our situation with jobs, economy, etc is not looking too good. Yet we are spending billions on Dem ideas, and what have we to show for it? The billionaires are not investing in America, but instead are investing in the stock market, out sourcing jobs, and turning this country into part time workers. Yet you have no clue why that is happening. Instead you are all about higher taxes. Here is the deal Tillie, it is not just the Billionaires that are anti ACA, it is unions, small business, etc. A fact you refuse to discuss. A terrific economy cannot be attained by Big Government that sees business big or small as the enemy. More entitlements does not stimulate growth, and deflecting what is going on accomplishes nothing because of your dedication to your party or who you elected. This is not about obsession, what words mean or any deflections you might want to use to hide what is going on. It is about reality and what is happening. When even your favored Liberal Media start complaining, it might be a red flag that just maybe things are not going well.

Sorry Bunny but I am confused - "The billionaires are not investing in America, but instead are investing in the stock market, out sourcing jobs, and turning this country into part time workers." By investing in the stock market they are investing in businesses. These businesses to keep their billionaire investors happy. How do they do that, well by cutting costs, layoffs, outsourcing, cutting employee benefits, hiring part time workers and so on. These are the things that drive up stock prices and the resulting increase of dividends. While doing all this cutting, you don't see executive perks and salaries being reigned in. No money for benefits but millions for perks, doesn't make sense. I don't begrudge someone making money, but not at the expense of others. One thing that most of those that complain about entitlement payments, is a very simple premise. The money given as SS, food-stamps, UE benefits and the like is different than the money going to billionaires. Money that goes to the, call them poor or underprivileged, is money that goes right back into circulation to small businesses and banks. The poor don't hoard their money, they use it to live. The same can't be said for the truly rich. You are correct about the unions being anti- ACA, there was an unintended consequence to several of the complex rules which ended up penalizing some union plans. If we weren't spending so much time fighting ACA and spent some time fixing it we would be better served all around. Even Medicaid and SS had to patched. Why not spend time fixing as opposed to trying to kill it? If you want to kill it, what is your replacement? Think about that.

Your letter was pretty good and accurate but you lost me with the whole Dems and bribes comment. If you really believe that then you are not as concerned with the big picture as you claim. As far a democrats and jobs, that comment is diametrically opposed by the reality of the last 50 years. A pro-business policy and pro-job policy do not go hand in hand, outsourcing, right-to-work laws, cutting of benefits all are in reality good for a businesses bottom line, not good for the workers though.

Of all the Republicans, Charlie Bass probably has the best chance of beating Shaheen. But I don't think he's going to run. The GOP isn't welcoming moderates like him anymore. He doesn't need to be hassled from the left AND the right.

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