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Today at 06:19PM
Emergency plan on New England cod fish sought

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) - The National Marine Fisheries Service expects to implement emergency measures in November aimed at stemming cod fish decline in the Gulf of Maine.

Today at 05:37PM
Dartmouth: Sexual assault reports were up in 2013

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) - The number of sexual assaults reported at Dartmouth College increased from 24 to 35 last year, but officials said the numbers likely reflect more victims coming forward rather than an actual increase in offenses.

Today at 04:05PM
Garcia announces five town halls, including Oct. 29 in Concord

State Rep. Marilinda Garcia announced five town hall events as she tours the 2nd Congressional District in her bid to unseat incumbent Democratic Rep. Ann Kuster. Specific locations and times for the events…

Today at 03:01PM
Dartmouth posts annual crime statistics

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) - Dartmouth College says there were 35 sexual assaults reported on and off-campus last year, a 46 percent increase it attributes to better reporting rather than an actual increase in offenses.

Today at 03:01PM
NH judge sentences man to 27 months in prison

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) - A federal judge in New Hampshire is sending a man to prison for 27 months for attempting to purchase identity theft information.

Today at 01:23PM
Police find nothing at schools after bomb threat

BEDFORD, N.H. (AP) - Police in Bedford, New Hampshire, say nothing was found after they searched a high school and middle school complex that canceled classes because of a bomb threat.

Today at 11:03AM
New Hampshire police believe suspect is in Georgia

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) - A New Hampshire man suspected of killing his parents and setting their house on fire is believed to be in the Atlanta area, a police detective said Wednesday.

Today at 10:45AM
Principal: Bomb threat likely 'a very bad hoax'

BEDFORD, N.H. (AP) AAA" School officials in Bedford, New Hampshire, have canceled classes at the high school and middle school complex while they assess the credibility of a bomb threat.

Today at 10:33AM
New restriction on New England cod fishing debated

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) - Federal regulators are debating emergency restrictions to the Gulf of Maine's cod fishery.

Today at 09:24AM
Letter: Wrong way to run a county

Whose interests is the executive committee of the Belknap County delegation representing? Certainly not those of the Belknap County nursing home residents. Belknap County has an obligation to provide…

Today at 09:24AM
Letter: Remember Vietnam?

What was sold 13 years ago as a limited military response to the 9/11 tragedy seems to have become endless war. Our recent unauthorized airstrikes on Syria (accompanied by a few theocratic allies)…

Today at 09:23AM
Letter: How about some solutions?

Have you seen it? I'm sure you have. Mudslinging ads on TV have trickled over to news stories and letters in the paper. Many Democrat candidates for office and liberal organizations are on an endless…

Today at 09:23AM
Letter: Abomination

If you are upset about ISIS beheading Westerners, then consider how we kill 3,000 American babies a day by abortion, which cuts off their arms and legs and then crushes their skulls. So who's worse?…

Today at 09:23AM
Letter: Immorality isn't funny

Regarding the Concord visit of Sarah Silverman (Monitor Local And State, Sept. 23), I am saddened that so many "women's activists" are fond of saying, "It's my body; it's my choice." Immorality is…