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Today at 12:53PM
Early votes exceed 15 million _ but who benefits?

WASHINGTON (AP) - Early votes soared past 15 million across 31 states on Friday, an outpouring that is giving hopeful Republicans as well as nervous Democrats cause for optimism heading into the final weekend of a campaign with control of the Senate, the U.S. House and 36 governorships at stake.

Today at 10:20AM
Letter: Drivel season

I am sure that I am not the only person in New Hampshire sick to death of political ads on television. There is so much that I hardly watch Channel 9 any more. We have been bombarded with the same drivel…

Today at 10:19AM
Letter: Hosmer can help you

'How Can I Help?" If you ask me, these words are not spoken nearly often enough. I live in a small town, and in my professional life I work with people living with and recovering from mental illnesses.…

Today at 10:19AM
Letter: Fennessy is passionate about city's public schools

I am writing to share with our community why I first supported my husband, Nathan Fennessy, in running to represent Wards 5, 6, 7 on the school board and why I hope you will support him now. Even before…

Today at 10:19AM
Letter: Where's Rago?

If you are a candidate for office, you have a basic obligation to the people of your district. If you expect us to vote for you, we have a right to learn about your ideas, and you have a duty to hear…

Today at 10:19AM
Letter: County needs strong delegation

I am the wife of a Belknap County Nursing Home resident and a resident of Gilford. I am very concerned for my husband and his fellow residents and their excellent caregivers. The nursing home employees…