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Today at 02:52PM
Letter: The long view

The very informative front-page story in Monday's Monitor is headlined with the telling understatement: "Proposed HHS cuts cause doubt." The story that follows evidences an alarming basis for uncertainty…

Today at 02:52PM
Letter: Make big money a big deal

John Broderick and Brad Cook speak an important truth (Sunday Monitor Forum, March 22), that "big money, left or right, has little to do with the interests of ordinary Americans." They urge us to take…

Today at 02:52PM
Letter: Ayotte's out of touch

Based on her long emails and op-eds attempting to justify signing the letter to Iran, it is clear that Sen. Kelly Ayotte remains clueless as to the gravity of that action. Not only did that letter embarrass…

Today at 02:51PM
Letter: The will of Webster's people

Why the harsh lecture from the Monitor to Webster voters (Sunday Monitor editorial, March 22)? The editorial started off with, "When the town of Webster decided against publishing the names and salary…

Today at 02:51PM
Letter: Missed it by that much

The score in Bradford: Town hall team, 144; opposing team, 79. Needed to pass: 148.5 (two-thirds majority). My heart is numb. With a stunning majority, voters supported the town hall restoration, a…

Today at 11:28AM
Chodounsky defends slalom title at US Alpine Championships

CARRABASSETT VALLEY, Maine (AP) - A broken ski pole didn't discourage David Chodounsky in his first run. A few tiny bobbles up top couldn't deter him in his second, either.

Today at 09:55AM
Woman attempting to use median emergency lane hits car

NORTH HAMPTON, N.H. (AP) - New Hampshire state police say they issued a citation to a woman who crashed into another car while attempting to reverse direction using a crossover that is restricted to emergency vehicles only.

Today at 09:40AM
Deadline for removing bobhouses in New Hampshire nears

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) - Sunshine and warmer weather may help remind Granite State fishermen that aIl bobhouses must be removed from the ice by the end of the day on Wednesday, April 1, according to state law.

Today at 12:25AM
Review: N.H. should keep juvenile justice programs in DCYF

A newly released review of New Hampshire's juvenile justice programs endorsed the decision to keep Child Protection Services and Juvenile Justice Services under the same umbrella of programming, within…

Today at 12:23AM
Monitor Board of Contributors: Why fund the arts? It is who we are

I've been here before. I know it. Things feel very familiar. But then, I am getting older and have been known to have moments of confusion. Like the other night while lying in bed - finally and comfortably…

Today at 12:23AM
How refugees are guided into their new lives

Refugees can face 'culture shock' after resettlement

Today at 12:23AM
Communities have little say about the amount of refugees they receive

The federal resettlement program began 35 years ago, and today includes some 190 sites across the country. In New Hampshire, four cities - Nashua, Manchester, Laconia and Concord - take in refugees, but…

Today at 12:13AM
Katy Burns: State's fourth-graders should exploit lawmakers' guilt while they can

Well, once again some of our legislators have found themselves in a national spotlight. And - also again - it is decidedly not for all the right reasons. I refer of course to the day that members of our…

Today at 12:11AM
Budget cuts mean federal losses, too

When House budget writers finalized a plan last week to reduce $16.7 million in state money to programs that serve people with developmental disabilities, it was only the first loss. The real reduction…

Today at 12:11AM
PolitiFact NH: Lindsey Graham says taking 'every penny' from wealthiest 1 percent won't balance budget

"If you took every penny of the 1 percent, including their dog, you wouldn't even begin to balance the budget." -- Lindsey Graham on Sunday, March 8th, 2015 in a speech in Concord ---------------- For…

Today at 12:09AM
Don't just eat that ramen: Go to a museum and learn about it

There are two kinds of ramen in this world. There's the packaged staple of dorm-room cuisine, one of the most processed, industrialized foods ever invented. And then there's the trendy, artisanal, handmade…

Today at 12:09AM
GOP hopefuls near-unanimous on their own guns

There are 15 major contenders for the Republican party's presidential nomination. Together, they own at least 40 guns. Some of the contenders have been building their collections since childhood. Sen.…

Mar 28
Concord 250 Watch: Learn about the library

On Thursday at 6 p.m., Concord Public Library will host the next edition of Concord Chats. This roving history series is always free, family-friendly, and open to the public. Attendees at "There and Back…

Mar 28
PHOTOS: SouperFest 2015

SouperFest, a community event to benefit the Concord Coalition to End Homelessness, took place at Rundlett Middle School in Concord yesterday. Families enjoyed carnival games, bouncy houses, live music…

Mar 28
The Insiders: Didjeridoo - there, we said it. Now go listen to it

We could write all kinds of words about today's Tom Chapin appearance at the Capitol Center for the Arts, but how about just one? Didjeridoo. What's that? We're not entirely sure, but we think it's a funky…

Mar 28
"Franklin for a Lifetime" conference looks to address challenges, opportunities in the city

Dinner will start at 6 p.m., followed by storytelling, an evening not all that different from a Sunday family meal. The difference, however, is this is a community event with a substantial goal at the…

Mar 28
Don't lose the boots: New England steels for epic mud season

New England's own Nathaniel Hawthorne once wrote, "Life is made up of marble and mud." In the region's northern reaches, life will soon be made up of mud, mud and more mud. Mud season is a rite of spring…

Mar 28
Warner museum participates in Maple Weekend with tastings and storytelling

Today, boiling about 40 gallons of sap yields a single gallon of maple syrup. But, according to a Native American legend, it wasn't always such a process to produce maple syrup. At the beginning of time…