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Concord honored for its water fluoridation

Concord’s drinking water is full of fluoride, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recognized the city for preventing tooth decay by keeping it that way.

The state announced yesterday that Concord maintained a consistent level of fluoridated water through 2012, which the CDC reports can help lower cavities by 25 percent. Concord’s public water system was among 1,791 recognized by the CDC for its fluoride levels.

In New Hampshire, that list also included the communities of Laconia and Lebanon.

Legacy Comments5

Fluoride was first introduced into the drinking water 60 years ago as a result of anecdotal evidence that communities who had naturally occurring fluoride in their public water systems realized fewer cavities. What was not accounted for was the socio-economic disparities in these case studies.There is probably stronger empirical data evidence showing the cavity rate among high school students who reside on Rum Hill is lower than those who live at Royal Gardens, yet both use the same municipal water system. Aluminum fluoride, sodium fluoride, and other fluoride compounds are waste products from manufacturing processes. Education and dental care reduces cavities, industrial waste products do not.

Considering that fluoride is a key part of tooth paste, I think its connection to tooth decay prevention is well studied by now. I highly doubt that a 60-year old study was the last word.

I would agree with Molly8. I'm not buying notion that mass medicating the population is right. To the contrary, I resent having that choice taken out of my control (unless I find an alternate water source). I am not at all convinced that ingesting fluoride will do all the good they say, and my instincts are screaming that it could very well have long-term negative effects.

Molly8 There is no valid evidence of thyroid problems associated with water fluoridated at the optimal level. Should you disagree, then please properly cite valid, peer-reviewed scientific evidence to support your claim. Attempts to sell books is not evidence of anything. Also, please cite your qualifications to make recommendations on the best manner to provide fluoride protection to the teeth. Steven D. Slott, DDS

Caution should be considered in the consummation of fluoridated water. There are strong concerns in the medical community that fluoridated water may interfere with thyroid function. Fluoride should be considered as a topical application, such as in toothpaste, not as an additive in your drinking water. One excellent reference is "What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About Hypothyroidism" by Dr. Kenneth Blanchard, M.D., Ph.D., an endocrinologist in Newton, Massachusetts.

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