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Third N.H. loon death this year linked to lead poisoning

The Loon Preservation Committee said a third loon death this year has been linked to lead poisoning in New Hampshire.

The loon was found beached on Lake Winnipesaukee on Friday and when biologists examined the bird, X-rays found a lead fishing jig and blood tests showed toxic levels of the metal. The bird was immediately euthanized.

The preservation committee said a loon will die from lead poisoning two to four weeks after ingesting lead tackle. Lead accounts for more loon deaths than all other human factors combined.

Loons are threatened in New Hampshire and protected federally.

The preservation committee encourages the use of alternative fishing tackle and New Hampshire is the first state to restrict the sale of the easier-to-swallow small lead jigs.

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Seems like a piss-poor reason for Loons to be dying. Why not ban lead fishing tackle, altogether? Surely, we have the technology to produce a non-toxic alternative. Best case scenario, manufacture some fishing weights fully digestible for fish, turtles, waterfowl, etc. Perhaps they're already on the market(?). Some of you anglers must have something to share on this subject.

This CRISIS should obviously lead democrats to pass more stringent laws

It's not a political football, PBR. It's about protecting our wildlife. And, if you were a Loon (the waterfowl variety, I mean), you would absolutely consider it a crisis. NH law currently bans use of lead weights/jigs of one ounce or less. That's good, but not good enough. Since there are alternatives on the market, I would be in favor of banning lead tackle, entirely. I'd also favor the ban of such useless toxins as "PBR", who hasn't shared a constructive thought in this forum...ever.

You wanna know what's really harming loons? The loss of undeveloped shoreline habitat. They need undeveloped shoreline habitat to breed, nest and raise their young. But the beautiful people have to have their McMansions by the lake now don't they . . . ? ? ?

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