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Northern Pass misses another route deadline

Northern Pass officials have missed another self-imposed deadline for announcing the proposed project’s route.

In an annual report filed in late February, company officials said they expected to unveil a new 180-mile route from the Canadian border through New Hampshire by the end of March. Yesterday, a spokesman for the proposed hydropower project said the route wasn’t ready for public view. Michael Skelton referred reporters to the project’s website for a prepared statement.

“Although we have identified a new route which meets our project requirements,” the statement said, “we believe it is in the best of interest of landowners, communities, and all stakeholders for us to continue to build on the details of this proposal and to take the time now to make some additional refinements before we begin the formal public review processes at both the state and federal levels.”

Skelton said he didn’t know when the route would be announced.

Project officials have struggled to secure enough property in the North Country for the new 40-mile right of way it needs to run high-voltage transmission lines. They have pushed out the project’s start date several times to accommodate real estate delays.

North Country residents have been especially vocal in their opposition to the project, which would bring hydropower from Hydro-Quebec in Canada to Deerfield, where it would enter the New England energy grid.

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America needs the proposed northern pass like a fish needs a bicycle. What's really un-American is forcing NH landowners to unwillingly subsidize a private, for profit proposal with the decline in their property value. If 'cheap abundant reliable power" was a "national security issue", we should build the necessary pipelines to ensure an adequate supply of natural gas since we have hundreds of years supply right here in the USA. The pipeline won't be a hundred or more feet in the air and won't crowd out local, American renewables and those jobs. American fuel and American jobs mean American security. No. pass has been hit in the backfield for a big loss. They don't have a play. They can't even punt. NH says NO! to no. pass.

....and these "unwilling" landowners are getting a nice check, so dont put up the poor mouth and make it look like they are being taken advantage of. NH needs this now.

American needs the Northern Pass .....cheap abundant reliable power is a national security issue ....the NIMBY group are simply un-American

For almost two years now, PSNH/Northern Pass has been trying to buy a "new route" in Coos County. For over a year, it has promised investors each quarter that it is "highly confident" that it will have the new route at the end of the next quarter. Wall Street's credulity is strained to the breaking point by these repeated false promises. The project is so desperate that this quarter's non-announcement, conveniently "dumped" on Friday afternoon to minimize press exposure over the weekend, is draped with scare-tactic rhetoric about New England's over-reliance on natural gas, a claim undercut by PSNH's sister company, Yankee Gas, which promises its customers an abundant, low cost, clean burning fuel supply. Why is Northern Pass failing miserably? As NH Sen. Martha Fuller Clark said on Thursday, Northern Pass has no benefit for NH. And NH isn't stupid. It has woken up and smelled the coffee about this damaging elective project. Congratulations to the Coos landowners who won't be bought off and to the Forest Society for leading the way.

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