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N.H. News Roundup

N.H. News Roundup: UNH's logo battle, House to vote on casino bill

The three new proposed UNH logos.

The three new proposed UNH logos.

If you haven’t heard, the University of New Hampshire is looking to redesign its logo that will represent the entire system.

The effort to replace the image of Thompson Hall is a marketing move meant to “compete better nationally and internationally for students,” according to university spokewoman Erika Mantz.

Students, however, spoke up after being underwhelmed with the three choices (seen above) presented by a New York firm.

The displeasure with the redesign has also caught fire on social media, but Mantz says the majority of the feedback the university has recieved regarding the proposed logos has been positive.

Foster’s Daily Democrat also wrote an editorial this week wondering why there’s been such animosity toward the rebranding decision.

Here’s a link to the video of the presentation hosted on vimeo. That password “unhwildcats2013” to access the video.

There are several Facebook pages dedicated to the issue. One (that's pretty self-explanatory) is called UNH Students Against the Change of the Thompson Hall Logo.

Another was created by Monitor contributor Grant Bosse, who thinks the lackluster choices (especially at a price tag of nearly $100,000) could be better designed by Granite Staters for free.

Bosse will write about this search for a new logo in this Sunday’s column, and he’s offering to put your ideas in the Sunday Monitor to accompany it. All you have to do is post them to the Facebook page.

What do you think about the new logos? Love them? Hate them? Let us know. If you think you can do better, make sure you visit Bosse’s Facebook page!

And be sure to check back with Bosse and the Monitor on Sunday!

In other news

∎ It’s casino vote day here in the Granite State, and Monitor reporter Ben Leubsdorf took this snapshot of the scene in front of the State House this morning.

∎ A fire at an Exeter home is being blamed on a lightning strike.

∎ The state police is aiming to do all it can to curb distracted driving.

 Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley co-hosted a fundraiser last night for Sen. Jeanne Shaheen.

∎ A New Hampshire fugitive from Pittsfield was found and arrested in South Carolina.

∎ There’s an economic recovery in the Granite State, but it’s happening slowly.

 Rep. Carol Shea-Porter has introduced an amendment that would protect pipeline activity between Portland, Maine and Montreal, Canada.

 ConVal High School is buying some of its lettuce from local farmers and hopes to get more local veggies in the future.

∎ A cat in Hillsboro that attacked three people had rabies.

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Legacy Comments6

Here is another example of blatant waste and why college cost so much. UNH has a graphics art program, this $100K could have done for free by the students. I did hear that there was a big outcry from students about the actual logo change, possibly there could be an even bigger outcry against the costs of college life.

The first logo looks like someone's bottom, the third is incomprehensible, the middle has nothing to do with UNH. UNH has a fabulous art department. They have a graphic arts program in Manchester. We're swimming in graphic artists here. And yet we go outside the state for poor quality design services???

The head of the firm out of NYC contracted to design these logos says they are Progressive. I would have hoped that UNH would have given a NH firm the job of designing it's logo. You know, keep it all in the state, promote local business, etc. The price is a joke. There are plenty of NH students that could have done a better job, and I am sure they would have loved to have the fact they drew the logo on their resume as a plus. And folks wonder why the taxpayers are fed up.

the chosen designs are gaudy and very childish. If this is your idea of how to advance the college boy o boy are the students in trouble. Sorry UNH but you just wasted $100k

Instead of trying to appeal to national and international students, it would be better if UNH used the money it will cost to develop and implement a new logo on ways to make UNH more affordable to N.H. students. T-Hall is UNH.

absolutely correct

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