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Belmont mother and son died from chop wounds

  • State Police and the Attorney General's office investigate a crime on Sunset Drive in Belmont on Friday, May 24, 2013.<br/><br/>ANDREA MORALES / Monitor staff

    State Police and the Attorney General's office investigate a crime on Sunset Drive in Belmont on Friday, May 24, 2013.

    ANDREA MORALES / Monitor staff

  • State Police and the Attorney General's office investigate a crime on Sunset Drive in Belmont on Friday, May 24, 2013.<br/><br/>ANDREA MORALES / Monitor staff

The pair of adults found dead in their Belmont home Friday morning, a 59-year-old mother and her 39-year-old son, died of multiple chop wounds, the Attorney General’s office announced yesterday.

The deaths of Priscilla Carter, who also suffered blunt-force injuries, and Timothy Carter were ruled homicides. Senior Assistant Attorney General Jeff Strelzin, interviewed at the Belmont police station shortly before announcing the autopsy results, said that “no one has been charged in connection with the homicide.”

He later added that the public is in no danger.

The Tilton police announced Friday that a man named Shawn Carter was taken into custody after they had pulled him over on Route 3 in Tilton. Neighbors said Shawn Carter is the son of Priscilla and younger brother of Timothy, and the three lived together on 20 Sunset Drive.

Strelzin would not say whether Shawn Carter had been arrested or was a suspect in the investigation, writing in an email, “We have no comment on Shawn.”

Behind yellow police tape, two Belmont police cruisers remained parked in front of the residence yesterday. An officer at the scene said he expected a police presence there through the night.

Also, a huge green evidence-gathering truck from the State Police Major Crime Unit was parked in the driveway. About 200 yards away, Route 3 was packed with holiday weekend traffic on a cold, rainy day.

It was in this area, near the Winnisquam Bridge, that Shawn Carter was pulled over Friday in what a witness described as “an intense scene.” A police source said a Tilton officer, notified to be on the lookout for a red Monte Carlo, spotted the car heading north, in the opposite direction.

The cruiser reversed direction and gave chase, driving about 10 car lengths behind the Monte Carlo before pulling it over, across from the Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf course.

Charles Beckley, a maintenance supervisor at the Belknap Mall, had just gotten off work and was driving home, south to Northfield, when he pulled over to allow the Tilton cruiser, its blue lights flashing, to move through. Beckley says he was one of the closest cars to the scene, about 30 feet away.

“I assumed at first that it was a regular traffic stop, and then the cops are hollering at the guy to get out of the car,” Beckley said. “It was one cruiser that pulled him over, but almost instantly there were other cops. There were so many cops there in a heartbeat.”

Beckley estimated that at least nine police cruisers, including those from the state police, Tilton, Belmont and Sanbornton, converged on the spot, with several police drawing their guns.

“One thing that sticks out in my head is I noticed an officer on the passenger side with gun drawn, and so the guy did get out of his car and he was instructed to walk backward to the back of his car,” Beckley said.

“It was just like a cop show on TV. He did everything he was told, and the cops were very professional. It totally impressed me. They were very good at what they did.”

Meanwhile, Strelzin said yesterday that three people related to the Carters were notified about the deaths before details were released to the news media. He would not comment on what was used in the attack.

“We will not be giving out any information on the weapon at this time,” Strelzin said in his email.

The police are asking anyone with information about the incident or who knew the Carters to call the state police at 223-4381.

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The two people found dead in their Belmont home yesterday, a 59-year-old woman and her 39-year-old son, died from “multiple chop wounds,” according to a press release from the attorney general’s office. Autopsies today showed the mother also died from blunt-force injuries, and both deaths have been ruled homicides. The police were called to 20 Sunset Drive yesterday at 11 …

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