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Letter: Downtown could take a tip from the South

I have been reading the articles in the Monitor about how to improve Main Street. Last winter, my wife and I had the pleasure of living in Valdosta, Ga. It is a city in south central Georgia about 20 miles from the Florida border. It has a population of about 54,000 within about 30 square miles. What is different about the downtown there is that there are no parking meters. The city has several parking lots, also free. We never had any problem finding a parking spot. In downtown Concord, you have to hunt for a spot, then go to the kiosk and get a ticket. Then go back to your vehicle and put the ticket on the dash. Lots of fun in bad weather. Why bother? Just go to Wal Mart. I don’t think that is what the downtown stores want.



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Gotta say, it does make more sense than any of the so-called "plans" I've read about of late. Provide Free Parking on Main Street. Garages can remain at a premium for the shade in summer; out of weather in winter.

City officials shop on Loundon Rd....Why would they care about parking.

Hey, leaders of Concord! Merchants of Main Street! Do you hear this? The best advice you could get, in plain, simple english. Somehow I doubt any of you are paying attention.

Well, that makes sense, but the city won't listen. At the same time they asked how they can get more folks don't shop downtown, they raised the parking rates! Duh.

Should be "get more folks TO shop"... sorry.

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