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Letter: Shop locally, Concord

Driving down Main Street last week, I was surprised and excited to see the sign for the new Gibson’s Bookstore and Cafe. I try to keep myself in the loop, but somehow I missed this expansion. I am thrilled to see a small, locally owned business grow and expand downtown.

I was born and raised in Concord, my husband and I proudly purchased our first home in the South End, and we are now raising our first child here. My husband pokes fun at me when he glances into the living room to see me glued to another city planning board meeting – but I think it is important to know what is going on in your town, and I appreciate the testimony of fellow community members.

We have the privilege to share our opinions on what is happening in town, and it’s your responsibility to do so. I get defensive when people say money is going to be wasted on enhancing downtown. If you think it shouldn’t be spent that way, go tell the people in charge!

My family has owned and operated businesses here since 1927. It is not only a great place to live but also a great place to do business.

I encourage you to go out and support local establishments. They will treat you right because every customer counts. I know times are tough and it’s tempting to go to the big-box stores to save a dollar or two, but isn’t it more important to be treated like a person not the next transaction? By supporting small businesses, you are helping your neighbors and their families and generations to come, not millionaires and their shareholders.



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While living right near main street, all the development taking place in downtown concord is a great thing to see, and very exciting! However, there does seem to be a slight trend that's a bit worrisome. Not many new businesses are moving into these nice, new buildings! Businesses are just moving from one spot to another, leaving a gaping hole in the make-up of downtown concord. It's one thing to build a new building and move existing businesses into it. I think it's a whole different beast to encourage businesses to come to concord and make a home where Gibsons and other businesses vacated.

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