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Common Core education standards in N.H. are front and center at panel

State lawmakers are gathered together this morning to learn more about the Common Core education standards and what they mean for New Hampshire’s schools. The event was organized by Rep. Mary Stuart Gile, chairwoman of the House Education Committee.

Tom Raffio, chairman of the State Board of Education, is now moderating a panel on the successes and challenges of implementing the new standards. The panelists are: Commissioner of Education Virginia Barry, Concord Superintendent Chris Rath, State Board member Cindy Chagnon, NEA-NH President Scott McGilvray and Bill Duncan, president of Advancing New Hampshire Public Education.

Other sessions today include a presentation by Dr. Marc Tucker, president of the National Institute for Education and the Economy, and representatives from the National Conference of State Legislators.

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Legacy Comments10

"The lead ELA writers were David Coleman and Susan Pimentel – neither of whom had experience teaching English in K-12 or college, The final version released in June 2010 contained most of the problems apparent in the first draft: lack of rigor, minimal content, lack of international benchmarking, lack of research support. None of the public feedback to the March draft has been made available. So this was the “transparent, state-led” process that resulted in the Common Core standards."

ultra liberal - Media Matters Calls Common Core ‘An Obama Administration Education Initiative.... http://townhall.com/columnists/kyleolson/2013/08/22/media-matters-calls-common-core-an-obama-administration-education-initiative-n1669929

Town hall is just a piece of conservative garbage with people like Ann Coulter on it. so I wouldn't believe them if they told me the sun was coming up tomorrow. And the only time you would ever quote Media Matters is you found it misquoted on a conservative junk site. Common Core is 48 state run plan to get US students to stop falling behind the rest of the world in math, language and science. I broke my own rule by even answering one of your posts because it is like talking to a brick wall. There is nothing there. I should have known better when you blamed Obama for the smaller toilet paper and said it would cause the end of America as we know it.

OK and Salon.com and Media Matters are not liberal sources. Must be nice to sit perched atop that pedestal in final judgment about the world and those who reside on it.

President Obama had nothing to do with the toilet paper getting smaller and he hasn't anything to do with Common Core. Pay attention, it came from the governors of 48 states, and many of your favorite Reps love it. WMUR on Sunday had a NH Business discussion on it. I know you only read, watch and listen to right wing media but maybe it would help you to watch this as you seem to have no clue what Common Core is, only your belief that if it comes from Obama (which it doesn't) you are against it.

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/diane-ravitch/common-core-fallacy_b_3809159.html........"Forty-five states have adopted the Common Core national standards, and they are being implemented this year. Why did 45 states agree to do this? Because the Obama administration had $4.35 billion of Race to the Top federal funds, and states had to adopt "college-and-career ready standards" if they wanted to be eligible to compete for those funds. Some states, like Massachusetts, dropped their own well-tested and successful standards and replaced them with the Common Core, in order to win millions in new federal funds.

So you're suggesting that these 45 states held their noses and accepted Common Core, rather than creating a different approach to "college-and-career ready standards?" Perhaps they chose Common core as their standards because thy believe in them and didn't think they could come up with something better on their own.

Fox guarding the hen House - how has that govt indoctrination union teacher controlled changes been working out over the decades?

No..Diane Ravitch suggested it. I dont read Huffpo and rarely agree with Ravitch, but reading her op ed and your comment...I'm inclined to agree with her...and her 4.35 billion reasons.

From Obama's Ministry of Education come his edicts to change America - how has that been working out for the readers?

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