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N.H. GOP staffer charged with disorderly conduct in chicken suit incident

A 23-year-old New Hampshire Republican Party staffer who the police said harassed two top Democratic officeholders during a parade faces a September court date on a charge of disorderly conduct.

The Londonderry police told WMUR that Michael Zona of Manchester was wearing a chicken suit and aggressively clucking and flapping his wings at U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen and Gov. Maggie Hassan along a parade route in Londonderry on Saturday.

The police said they told Zona several times to stop the behavior before he was arrested.

Republicans have been charging that Shaheen and Hassan are “chicken” to face voters in town-meeting-style public events.

Zona told the station he doesn’t believe he was doing anything wrong and was within his First Amendment free-speech rights.

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Maybe he was a thinking he was a rooster because Shaheen laid an egg?

seems to me he was exercising his first amendment right to free speech? No? He might be a moron but is that illegal in the "Live Free Or Die" state??

They want a repeat of 2010 when tea partiers disrupted town halls. Maybe we need a chicken suit to run after Gunta to find out about his secret bank account or to follow Scott Brown into the bathroom to ask him what he thinks about Hobby Lobby.

Sure it wasn't a drunk NH GOP chicken, sitting on an Asian Breeze bar stool, yelling "Don't get laid! Don't get laid!"?

Grow up. I should hope the Republican party will have the wits to fire this idiot. I've noticed a lot of letters to the editor lately on this subject, figured it was a letter-writing campaign and not a real issue. Now we know. If anyone wants their reps to hear them out they can make an appointment, write them a letter, call them, e-mail them. My guess is these folks simply are upset they don't have an opportunity to yell at them.

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