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Russian forces cross border, seize towns, Ukraine says

Russian soldiers, tanks and heavy artillery began rolling into southeastern Ukraine in earnest yesterday, the Ukrainian government said, as well-armed detachments captured key towns, burned buildings and sent the under-equipped Ukrainian forces into full retreat – a show of military force that the United States now considers an invasion in all but name.

U.S. officials began saying privately for the first time yesterday that they consider the escalation of recent days tantamount to a Russian invasion, but President Obama stopped short of using the term at a news conference late in the afternoon. He said the United States would continue to rely on sanctions in an effort to deter Russia.

“Russia is responsible for the violence in eastern Ukraine,” he said. “Russia has deliberately and repeatedly violated the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.”

But he said the problem will not be solved with U.S. or outside military action. “A military solution to this problem is not going to be forthcoming,” he said.

Buttressing the Ukrainian accounts, NATO released satellite images yesterday of what it said were Russian artillery, vehicles and troops in and around eastern Ukraine. One image showed what NATO officials said was a convoy with self-propelled artillery in the area of Krasnodon, inside territory controlled by Russian-backed separatists, on Aug. 21.

“There is no doubt that this is not a homegrown, indigenous uprising in eastern Ukraine. The separatists are backed, trained, armed, financed by Russia,” Obama said.

Russian actions will be a main topic for the summit of NATO leaders next week in Wales, Obama said.

The Russian defense ministry reiterated its position again yesterday, saying no Russian military units had taken part in action in Ukraine, according to the Russian news agency Interfax. Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said that lists of Russian military units circulating on the internet are fake. Russia has previously admitted that 10 of its paratroopers were captured in Ukraine but said they wandered into the country by mistake.

Russian and American diplomats clashed during an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council yesterday, with Samantha Power, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, saying that Russia has “outright lied” about its involvement in the conflict.

She said that Russian President Vladimir Putin had spoken of the need to “end the bloodshed as soon as possible” in a meeting with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko just Tuesday. At the same time, she noted – citing the NATO satellite imagery – Russian combat units were rolling into the Ukrainian city of Donetsk.

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And Obama's response: "come on fellas can't we all just get are very naughty you Russians you". He's gonna make another speech if they don't cut it out and stop invading their neighbors and he will tell them a thing or two. He is angry now and if they don't stop it he is simply not going to talk to them anymore, that's it. They ruined his vacation!!

Thanks for the info Annie [ ] = " Annie has been a staff writer for the (Washington) Post for more than a decade, and previously covered wealth, poverty and inequality. She co-authored two Post series that explored how the rich are pulling away from the rest of America, including “The Insiders’ Game: Getting Rich in the New Washington” in 2013 and “Breakaway Wealth” in 2011. " & Anne too, re: of: " Diplomatic Correspondent at The Washington Post; Washington, District Of Columbia Newspapers; Previous The Associated Press, AP; Education, Allegheny College " of it would be nice if you two did a profile on who the Diplomat, if any, was of to Parley on the Ed Brown case here in New Hampshire where the Feds did "seize" their RSA Ch. 480:1-9 homestead as against the law! The case-law that is of NOT to pluck our N.H. Article 12 inhabitants from off the land at the 100% amount but of by the Morsel case of 1875 at the U.S. Supreme Court of to squeeze the so-called debtor down to half (1/2, 50%)/ fifty percent of the freehold until they pay off the tax/debt so-called in full. So when our Federal gov't starts calling others seiz-ors, that's like the pot calling the kettle black of hypocrisy! To get our own country to operate by the law before going to the U.N. to criticize others.

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