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Obama plans $1 billion climate fund

President Obama said in Fresno, Calif., yesterday that he will propose a $1 billion fund in his fiscal 2015 budget to help communities prepare for the effects of climate change and to fund research and technology to protect against its impact.

The president announced the “climate resilience fund” during a meeting with farmers and ranchers in Fresno, Calif., who have been severely affected by a drought in the state’s San Joaquin Valley.

As of Tuesday, 91.6 percent of the state was experiencing severe or exceptional drought.

Obama is expected to release his proposed 2015 budget in early March.

The prospects for the climate fund are uncertain in a Republican-controlled House. But Obama, who made preparation for climate change one of the major themes of the climate action plan he released in June, will continue to press for the need to adapt, according to the White House.

Obama also announced a series of near-term measures to help Western farmers and ranchers recover from the drought, which is now in its third year.

They include $100 million in livestock disaster assistance for California feed producers, $60 million for food banks to help California families affected by the water shortage and $15 million in conservation assistance for Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Colorado and New Mexico, as well as California.

Cities across the country are formulating and, in some cases, enacting their own plans to protect against rising water, increased temperatures and more frequent severe weather.

New York City, for example, last year announced a $19.5 billion plan to protect its 520 miles of shoreline against rising sea waters, and the Gulf Coast of Louisiana released a $50 billion plan in 2012.

Obama would spend the $1 billion to “better understand the projected impacts of climate change,” encourage local action to reduce future risk, and fund technology and infrastructure that will be more resilient to climate change, according to briefing documents released by the White House.

Paul Bledsoe, senior fellow on energy and society at the German Marshall Fund of the United States, said that Democrats and Republicans in Congress “don’t have to agree” on whether the combustion of fossil fuels is causing climate change.

“We just need to agree we have a problem that must be dealt with,” Bledsoe said.

Legacy Comments7

"After $150 billion in stimulus and other spending on green energy boondoggles, what does the White House have to show for it? According to The Green Corruption Files blog, 32 Obama-backed environmental firms have gone bankrupt as of February 2014. These include crony-clogged Solyndra at a cost to taxpayers of $535 million; Beacon Power, $240 million; Abound Solar, $400 million-plus; Fisker Auto, $529 million; A123, $250 million; ECOtality, $100 million; and Ener1, $118.5 million. In addition, 22 other Obama green energy projects are now in dire financial trouble. Unprecedented transparency? Section 1513 of the Recovery Act required the White House to submit a progress report every three months. Last year, blogger Doug Powers noted: “Under their own guidelines, the administration should have released 14 of these reports by now, but they’ve only submitted eight of them for public review.” Whatevs.

"As of Tuesday, 91.6 percent of the state was experiencing severe or exceptional drought." of today..Obama is playing golf at RANCHO MIRAGE..ground zero for the drought. There seems to be no shortage of water there...

One component of the "fund" should be that no city or any individual in that city is illegible to apply for a single dime until 6 months after the city institutes restrictions on water usage. It is an insult to taxpayers to be asking for help while you are washing the car and watering the lawn.

More Gestapo Government from Jim. Unfortunately it is precisely BIG liberal Calif Govt. that caused the problem. There would have been plenty of stored water if the famous liberals did not divert it for the famous "snail darter" If you dont know the story of the snail darter or the Hetchy Hetchy reservoir debate then you are a LIDV

“We just need to agree we have a problem that must be dealt with,” Bledsoe said...Hey Bledsoe..the problem is the far left whackadoo's California keeps electing.

Another boondoggle. The way it reads is it's a combination welfare dole and more studies, instead of doing anything. We can't get this idiot out of office fast enough.

That $billion probably should have been used to build a plant to convert ocean water to drinking water instead of to “better understand the projected impacts of climate change,”...we already know California has experienced epic droughts lasting more than 200 years in the past...but apparently high speed rail and other big $$$ projects are more important than water. When they run out of water least they might be able to leave quickly.

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