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District 15 Democratic primary candidates set schedule for joint events

The Democratic candidates for the District 15 state Senate seat have agreed to four joint events in the next several weeks, but not without some debate about the schedule itself.

Concord attorney Dan Feltes and Concord School Board member Kass Ardinger will be on the primary ballot to replace outgoing state Sen. Sylvia Larsen, who has held the seat for 20 years. The district includes Concord, Henniker, Hopkinton and Warner. Not all event details have been finalized, but the candidates are scheduled to appear together on the following dates:

∎ July 29 at 7 p.m.: This event will be a community forum at the home of former state representative Christine Hamm. The address is 14 South Road in Hopkinton, and anyone interested in attending can RSVP to,, 746-4919, 746-4991 or 456-3371.

∎ Aug. 18.: The League of Women Voters will host this event, but the location and time have not yet been determined.

∎ Sept. 3.: This joint forum at Havenwood-Heritage Heights in Concord is primarily for residents of that community.

∎ Sept. 4.: The candidates will meet for a debate at New England College in Henniker.

Feltes sent an email yesterday to Ardinger and members of the local news media to request four debates, one in each of the District 15 communities.

“Such an approach is healthy for our democracy and would better inform voters about our respective visions for the future of Senate District 15 and our state,” he wrote.

Ardinger responded to point out the four events listed above, which had already been agreed to by both candidates. In the email exchange, Feltes pushed for more debates, rather than community forums. But Ardinger responded that the existing schedule would afford “a full opportunity” for the public to learn about the candidates.

“There are people who are studying both candidacies, and I think they would like to have the opportunity to hear us at the same venue and the same event to compare and contrast us as candidates,” Ardinger said in a phone interview yesterday.

Feltes declined to comment beyond the text of the emails. Both Hamm and former state representative Bob Williams, who is organizing the forum at the retirement community, agreed their events are not formal debates. Instead, they said the candidates will have the chance for a brief speech before opening the floor to questions from the audience.

“They’re both running, and I think there’s many people here who don’t know either of them,” Hamm said.

“It’s very interesting how much you can learn about a person, you know, whether you want to vote for them or not,” Williams said.

The primary is Sept. 9. Lydia Harman of Warner has also filed to run as a Republican in the November general election.

(Megan Doyle can be reached at 369-3321 or or on Twitter @megan_e_doyle.)

Legacy Comments1

Attorney Feltes said what? We live in a "democracy"!? You have got to be kidding me. Where did he grow up? What school taught him that crap? See: in that we are supposed to be in an Article IV, Section 4 U.S. Constitutional Republican form of government, where there are the rights of the minorities, and not this "mob-ocracy" where the example is given of three wolves and two sheep taking a vote of what they will have for dinner. Plus being an attorney for #x-years, how many, if any, corruptions in the courts has he spotted and reported by RSA Ch. 311:6 ? - - - - - - Plus Megan: you ought NOT to put people's e-mails in this format. Don't you know about the electronic spiders? that go looking for such and then their boss sell such to marketers to flood their inbox with junk mail! Example of to write "at" rather than the @ symbol and then dot com or dot net here. - - - - - And not that I'm for the School Board member to what? Continue the unlawful state-wide property tax? I'll bet that both R&D candidates all* still pay this slice of the property tax pie, and that Bob Williams the Minister still pays indirectly through his rent to this Secular Humanism is what? his religion!? (;-) Thus down to voting for the lesser of all* evils again! or is there somebody of another party in the General Election to the rescue to like say: None of the above. Sylvia has had twenty years too many there of especially for not recusing herself from the Brock impeachment trial since her husband is an attorney. Attorneys ought not to be in two branches at the same time. Gov. Hassan is an attorney too! A very bad one who refuses to let her G&C give their Article 5 - Part the Second vote on whether they agree** with the Supremes or not on their condemnation of the Legislature to fix it lest a Receiver be appointed, of that a bluff! ** re: their "advise and consent" needed before The Commissar, Stephan W. Hamilton, over at State Revenue can send out The Tax Warrants to all the cities and towns in this state. Thus the relay of such from your Town Selectmen as Assessors to the Tax Collector to collect also be unlawful! They took an RSA Ch. 42:1 [ ] and 92:2 oath[ ] to obey the law, [ Article 84 ] not violate it. We need people in the General Court who obey the law too. All I see is wimps taking the ex gratia approach in that it easier to pay than fight for your rights. Lazy good for nothings who have got to Wise Up! Plus BTW, the State Dept.. of Revenue wimps who refused to state-prosecute Dr. /licensed Dentist Elaine Alice Brown in the Ed Brown anti IRS case, instead making a secret agreement with the agents of "Uncle Sam" for to have the City & Town violate RSA Ch. 80:7-b [ ] in not taxing the Federal agent/ occupier as pre-scribed, but to get a $kickback too from whatever, if anything is left over from the Aug. 15th auction of no auctioneer taking such as to participate in this corruption of leaving it to Brenda Mickels there of the U.S. Marshal Service to do as part of her job description, even though she KNOWS that her landlord the GSA/ General Services Administration administrator being the 40USC255 to 3112 "head" of "agency" for his tenants has not RSA Ch. 123:1 filed his papers with Bill Gardner, N.H. Secretary of State, who is Article 67 [ ] elected by these State Legislators and him assigned to write up an Annual Report is an accounting is to count the # of papers filed at ZERO and report same, but that all he does that the G&C agrees with is to give his job description with-OUT any of the numbers, BELIEVE IT OF NOT! of we thus need candidates willing to say that they will NOT vote for such a lazy person to continue, to fire Gardner and Article 63 impeach the Gov's Executive Councilors too, [ ] should they get back in because newspapers like this continue the cover-up of to keep the masses ignorant.. For the requirement of these RSA 123:1 papers [ ] to get jurisdictional authority to act in this state see their own U.S. Attorney Manual 664:

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