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Attorney General recuses himself from latest Hassan complaint

Attorney General Joe Foster has recused himself from reviewing the latest campaign finance complaint filed by the New Hampshire Republican Party, which targets a 2012 contribution made to then-gubernatorial candidate Maggie Hassan.

During that campaign cycle, Foster – a former State Senator from Nashua – was on Hassan’s finance committee. Because of that connection, the complaint filed by the party on Aug. 6 called on Foster to recuse himself.

Republican Party Chairwoman Jennifer Horn said the attorney general made the “right decision” in a statement released yesterday. “We hope that the New Hampshire Department of Justice will expedite its ongoing investigation into Gov. Hassan’s shady campaign finances and quickly provide an opinion on her suspicious failure to disclose her donors on a required campaign finance report,” she said.

Associate Attorney General Richard Head confirmed Foster’s recusal. Foster couldn’t be reached for comment.

The state Republican Party alleges in the complaint that a $25,000 contribution made to Hassan’s 2012 campaign by the plumbers and steamfitters political committee violated campaign finance laws because of the donation’s timing.

Hassan campaign spokesman Aaron Jacobs responded yesterday with a statement he made when the complaint was officially filed.

“It’s clear from the New Hampshire Republican Party’s desperate attacks that they’re trying to distract from the fact that their candidates are simply rehashing the same disastrous Bill O’Brien/Koch Brothers agenda that voters rejected in 2012,” Jacobs said.

At the beginning of August, the attorney general’s office ruled that Hassan’s re-election campaign had to return $33,000 in contributions made by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers PAC and the plumbers and steamfitters political committee.

Foster ruled that Hassan return $24,000 of a $25,000 contribution from the IBEW because the campaign received it a day after Hassan filed for re-election. The campaign returned a $9,000 contribution from the plumbers and steamfitters political committee because of similar circumstances. According to the attorney general’s ruling, candidates can collect unlimited donations through their political action committees until they file for office.

Jacobs said the 2012 contribution from the plumbers and steamfitters political committee “was both issued and physically delivered the day of the filing.”

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Legacy Comments1

Allie, when, if ever, is your newspaper going to write the story of Foster's filibuster - like tactics there? of letting the latest RSA Ch. 7:6-c Election Law Violations Report of July 31st sit to collect dust, of it already printed of just awaiting his signature. Until AFTER the filing deadline? of this Monday, Aug. 18th of my Amicus Curiae / Friend of the Court Brief in the Ed Brown lawsuit #297 against Hassan for the RSA Ch. 666:3 violation at The Merrimack County Superior Court dealing with the "opinions" on the Federal Reps Election needing a judge's "decision". cc: to the Election Law Committee Members in both the House & the Senate who ought to meet on this corruption to maybe have a complaint by RSA Ch. 4:1 of to have the Attorney General Removed by the Executive Council, that if they don't do their job to this and Article 5 in Part 2 of our N.H. Constitution is another issue of them refusing to give their "advise and consent" to the Revenue Commissar to send ANY Tax Warrants out to all the cities and towns in this state, as like the state-wide school tax declared unconstitutional but that is still being billed against all of us anyway that be unlawful! of the Councilors ought to be Article 63 impeached by the House for a trial in the Senate. Yeah! When has that EVER been done before? Maybe it about time eh? (;-)

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