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How likely is a ‘grand bargain’ on the federal deficit?

The federal budget deficit was the focus of yesterday’s inaugural conference at the New Hampshire School of Law’s Warren B. Rudman Center for Justice, Leadership and Public Policy.

Ari Shapiro, White House correspondent for National Public Radio, moderated the event and asked participants in two panel discussions to rate the likelihood of President Obama and Congress achieving a meaningful “grand bargain” on the deficit this year. One is least likely and 10 is most likely.

∎ Former U.S. senator Phil Gramm: Two

∎ Former U.S. senator Bob Kerrey: Two

∎ Concord Coalition Executive Director Bob Bixby: Four

∎ Bipartisan Policy Center Senior Vice President Bill Hoagland: Five

∎ U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte: Six

∎ Former U.S. senator Pete Domenici: Seven

∎ U.S. Sen. John McCain: Seven

∎ Former OMB director Alice Rivlin: Seven

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The US spends money inappropriately and taxes unfairly. The real issue is there is no reality in Washington as our elected officials are immune from the cuts, etc. Great pensions Super health insurance Boon dongles paid for by tax payers. Voters need to clean house COMPLETELY in order to bring reality back to Washington

Taxing is not Not NOT the problem.....SPENDING IS THE PROBLEM.....and there is a direct correlation between the out of control spending and the democrats control of want to see a federal budget balanced in your lifetime vote for the Responsible Republicans

Which recognized economic theory proposes that a balanced federal budget is a good thing? Surely you don't mean the utterings of the likes of Paul Ryan who take Atlas Shrugged as something other than a work of pure fiction.

Which recognized economic theory proposes that trillion dollar deficits are a good thing?

President Obama..."What deficit?"

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