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N.H. Democrats accuse GOP of hypocrisy on issue of voter fraud

Jeb Bradley

Jeb Bradley

The New Hampshire Democratic Party yesterday accused the state GOP of hypocrisy on the issue of voter fraud, citing a report that Republican Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley’s son voted twice in the November 2008 election.

“They’ve been making claims about voter fraud all summer, pointing to totally bogus and nonexistent instances. . . . It’s shameful and it’s a new low in partisan hypocrisy for New Hampshire Republicans,” said party Spokesman Harrell Kirstein.

The GOP accused the Democrats of crossing a line by targeting a politician’s child.

“Voter fraud is a serious problem in New Hampshire that needs to be addressed. Every report of voting irregularities underscores the need to strengthen our laws to ensure the integrity of our elections,” said Matt Slater, executive director of the New Hampshire Republican Party, in a statement.

“But it is outrageous and disgusting that the New Hampshire Democrat Party would openly target the child of an elected official and use them as fodder for their cheap political attacks.”

The Union Leader reported in yesterday’s edition that Sebastian Bradley voted in person in Colorado in November 2008 and voted in the same election by absentee ballot in Wolfeboro.

His father, Jeb Bradley, was running for the U.S. House that year, seeking to reclaim the 1st District seat he had lost in 2006 to Democrat Carol Shea-Porter. Bradley lost again but later won election to the state Senate, where he’s now the majority leader.

“My son Sebastian was a student in 2008 at Colorado State University in Colorado, and if he did indeed vote in New Hampshire and Colorado in the same election, that would be a mistake,” Bradley said yesterday.

“I’m trying to find out all the circumstances, so I really can’t say too much more at this point.”

Kirstein said the facts seem clear.

“I think it’s pretty clear, from the reporting, that he voted twice in the same election, and that’s illegal and it undermines the integrity of our elections,” he said.

“It’s concerning that somebody so close to Majority Leader Bradley would engage in this kind of illegal behavior.”

The state Republican Party this summer was vocal in condemning alleged voter fraud. In July, Chairwoman Jennifer Horn accused state Sen. Martha Fuller Clark, a Democrat, of abetting fraud because several of the campaign staffers staying at her home voted in New Hampshire in 2008 and 2012, then left the state after the election.

A subsequent investigation by Attorney General Joe Foster’s office found no evidence of voter fraud or wrongdoing.

“The New Hampshire Republican Party believes that everybody, regardless of political affiliation, needs to follow New Hampshire voting laws. The New Hampshire Department of Justice must prosecute cases of voter fraud so that our laws do not become meaningless rules that are meant to be broken,” Horn wrote in an op-ed for the Telegraph of Nashua last month.

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"September 11, 2012 : Wendy Rosen, the Democratic challenger to Republican Rep. Andy Harris in the 1st Congressional District, withdrew from the race Monday amid allegations that she voted in elections in both Maryland and Florida in 2006 and 2008."..... democrat Obama appointee AG Holder maintains that voter ID laws are racist and voter fraud is non-existent.

Thanks to the democrat party, they proved voter fraud is easy and real with college students. What Mr. Bardley did was wrong and he should be punished by Colorado law because he stole the votes of Colorado voters. I wish the Monitor would be more interested in the votes stolen from NH voters. There should be some kind of follow up to protect NH voters from out of state college students who vote here and back in their home state Of course the Guardians of Ignorance (The Monitor) didn’t report the conflict of interest Michael K. Brown a Sr Assistant Attorney General for the state of New Hampshire and our Democrat AG Joseph Foster might have. Oh you didn’t hear the story that a NH AG’s Office employee was harboring Organizing for America Melissa Shohet and letting her steal NH voter’s votes by letting her use his address in her Fraud. What about Jeanne Shaheen's daughter who lives in California? Is she committing voter fraud of tax fraud? just wonderning.? My guess it won't be reported in the Monitor because it was't a press release out of the NH democrat party office.

I wonder if you can trust people in the AG's office any more than other sleazy lawyers.

The importance of this story is not what it proves, but rather what it doesn't prove. While it is amusing that the only two cases of multiple voting in recent New Hampshire history both involve the children of NH Republicans, what is important is that there are only TWO cases. The GOP effort to suppress the voting of young people has been based not on widespread illegal voting by students, but on two cases, one of which Senator Bradley describes as a "mistake." I think the "mistake" that matters is the effort to deny young people their right to vote. The next question before us is whether Jennifer Horn will now demand prosecution of the son of Senator Bradley.

How can someone be denied the right to vote and vote twice? Doesn't that deny someone elses vote?

We do not know how many college students have done the same thing. Vote in the town they go to college and get an absentee ballot from their home state. 2 were caught here in NH, but how many were not caught? Young people are not denied their right to vote anymore than they are denied anything. My guess is that the lists are not updated in most states to catch folks who have voted more than once. And I am still waiting for the droves of folks who get through life with no ID to come on the news and tell us how they manage getting meds, buy alcohol, go to concerts, and a list of other things you need an ID for. Where the heck are they?

It doesn't matter if you're a democrat or republican. It's too easy to cheat at the voting booth. If you're caught doing so, there should be severe penalties.

Correct Waltham. But the problem is that how do you catch the folks who are doing that fraud? We hear that the poor, the elderly, and students will be not able to vote if they are required to show an ID. yet we do not see news stories of all these folks who are unable to get an ID. Where are they? That question keeps being asked and we get no reply. How does anybody manage in a world without an ID? How do they cash checks, get meds, etc?

Maybe it depends on how hard you're looking, or maybe, on whether you bother to look at all: "We hear that the poor, the elderly, and students will be not able to vote if they are required to show an ID. yet we do not see news stories of all these folks who are unable to get an ID. Where are they?" Just for a change, try looking FOR them, instead of AWAY. Just don't expect to see them on FauxNews.

Ah yes Bruce The Lawyer Committee. The folks who came out with the theory that black voters were standing in line longer than white folks to vote, so it has to be preventing the black vote. The web site was actually an eye opener. Here I thought that Libs were just against voter ID and then I go to this sight and see they are also against voters proving they are American citizens. You would think The Lawyer Committee Group would have any easy time finding tons of folks who have no ID. My sister does not drive, yet she managed to get an ID at the MV office. Cost her ten bucks and the ID is good for 5 years. That comes out to two bucks a year. She needed the ID to get her meds, cash checks, and vote. She also needed the ID at the airport when she went to visit her kids who live out of state like AZ. At any rate, why is CNN, Rachael Maddow etc, not rounding up these folks with no ID Bruce? I am sure if they were around that it would boost there argument that all these folks exist with no ID and are being prevented from voting. You talk a lot about Fox News, yet pretty much every one of your links comes from a Liberal source. We notice.

Reply to rabbit below: Ah, the wonderful anecdote that "proves" it's possible to get a voter ID without undue hardship. Or does it? Did you sister need a birth certificate to prove her identity? And what if she didn't have one? How easy would it then be to obtain that ID? Once again: claims of voter fraud are wildly overblown; when examined more closely most such claims are shown to be exaggerated at best or outright false (as is the case with the Coleman-Franken election) The right has set up a cottage industry of such claims, which in turn are used to drive ALEC-inspired voter suppression efforts in many states.

Waltham_Watch you are 100 % correct. It is easy in NH and throughout the US and the democrats love it that way.

There already are penalties for voter fraud. That's why it's NOT "easy to cheat at the voting booth". Which is why it doesn't happen very often--contrary to the claims of the right. Voting twice in the same election in NH is a class B felony. But vote suppression by Republicans on the other hand, that's another story. What else can one call their "remedies" to prevent voter fraud that involve shortening the hours polling places are open, or reducing the number of polling places? The Republican Party has resurrected the ghost of Jim Crow, in order to make it harder for the poor and minorities to vote.

Bruce, don't even go there. Melowese Richardson, a poll worker in Cincinnati admitted that she voted twice for Barack Obama in the last election stating: " I’ll fight it for Mr. Obama and Mr. Obama’s right to sit as president of the United States". Last month, North Carolina found 2214 voters on the rolls who were over the age of 110. In March 2013, four Democrats who were involved in an NY voter fraud scheme were sentenced. In June of 2013 a top staffer of Democrat Representative Joe Garcia resigned after being implicated in a voter fraud scheme. In the Fraken-Coleman race we know that hundreds if not thousands of illegal felons impacted the race and gave Fraken the win there. We all can remember the election of Kennedy where Mayor Daley pulled out all of the stops to swing that election. And of course voter intimidation by the Black Panthers in Philadephia, which Democrats deny and argue as silly. I could give you over 800 examples but there is not enough space allowed here. Moreover, there were districts in Ohio which were questionable in the last election. The issue is that progressives want to cheat, they don't want to hear it, they want to deflect and make the "Jim Crow" ridiculous accusations.

I think most of your examples would, on closer examination, be shown as muchless than you claim them to be. If you're going to make extraordinary claims about rampant voter fraud, you'd better rely on more sources than the usual ones that have an axe to grind. It took me all of 30 seconds, for example, to debunk your claim of voter fraud in the Franken-Coleman race, with multiple, separate sources. Meanwhile...still waiting for any acknowledgement that Republicans are engaging in voter suppression efforts--including in Ohio, where they attempted to close polling places and limit hours in certain minority districts. The voter suppression efforts in Florida since at least 2000 are well-known.

Following up on my post below: "Justice Department Report Shows Very Few Prosecutions For Illegally Casting Ballots. According to a report by the Public Integrity Section of the Justice Department, from October 2002 through September 2005, the Justice Department charged 95 people with "election fraud" and convicted 55. Among those, however, just 17 individuals were convicted for casting fraudulent ballots; cases against three other individuals accused of casting fraudulent votes were pending at the time of the report. In addition, the Justice Department convicted one election official of submitting fraudulent ballots and convicted five individuals of registration fraud, with cases against 12 individuals pending at the time of the report. Thirty-two individuals were convicted of other "election fraud" issues, including Republicans convicted of offenses arising from "a scheme to block the phone lines used by two Manchester [New Hampshire] organizations to arrange drives to the polls during the 2002 general election." In other words, many of these convictions were connected to voter suppression efforts, not voter fraud. Several other people listed in the report were convicted of vote-buying." [Department of Justice, accessed 9/12/11]

Of course, Bruce, this is the Obama Justice Department which we are talking about. If three of us stood outside the Concord Polls with night sticks in our hands, telling people to vote Republican do you think that they would prosecute us? I think so. Moreover, the Daley story is absolutely true as is the voters over 110, many of whom cast ballots. People cheat and when they cheat we need safeguards to ensure that one person-one vote prevails.

Response to Itsa below: Read again. Much as most of us would understandably like to forget his presidency, the figures are from October 2002--Sept 2005, when the Bush administration ran the Justice Dept., and presumably were ever vigilant about voter 'fraud'.

So did the Attorney General Joe Foster’s office find evidence or no evidence of voter fraud with Jeb Bradley son? By the way Jeb answered the question, appears he already knew the answer.

This petty catfighting is ridiculous--by both parties. Don't the leaders of both parties have better things to do with their time?

Sebastian Bradley wasn't a child: he was a man in his mid-20s who (allegedly) committed a crime. Yes, it wasn't exactly a heinous crime, but it was still blatantly against the law. It was more than a mere "mistake." And this revelation happened after the Republicans made a huge fuss over a few young Democrats voting legally in New Hampshire. It is worth noting that the younger Mr Bradley did get caught. There actually is a way of knowing if a person voted twice: i.e., you can crosscheck the lists of people who voted.

Tim I agree with you lets start cross checking every voter that does not have a NH government issued ID and encourage other states to do the same thing so that they can protect their voters. Of course I don't expect blue states to do that. caught...5 years later.

Is the kid registered as a democrat, republican or independent?

It doesn't matter what he's registered as. With all the technology they have today, if they really wanted to stop voter fraud, they could.

There are two of Jeb & Barbara Bradley's adult children registered at their home in Wolfeboro. Sebastian Bradley's older sister is in her early 30s and she says she just moved back home to Wolfeboro (from New York City) on her blog. However, she has been voting in NH since 2004. If she was a prominent Democrat's daughter, a fuss would have been made a long time ago about her. Ironically, both of the younger Bradleys are Undeclared voters, as is their mother.

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