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NRCC radio ad targets Rep. Shea-Porter over Obamacare; she calls attack false

Democratic Rep. Carol Shea-Porter represents one of the nation’s swingiest swing districts, and the National Republican Congressional Committee is trying to soften her up even as Frank Guinta and Dan Innis gear up for a contested GOP primary in the 1st District.

The NRCC today began airing a 60-second radio ad featuring a woman who says the health plan used by her and her sick husband was dropped by their insurer, and replaced with a new plan that doesn’t include their local hospital.

“Over a third of New Hampshire’s hospitals are not covered through Obamacare,” a male voice intones. “That’s not what the president and Carol Shea-Porter promised.”

The Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield plans available through the new insurance marketplace use a “narrow network” that doesn’t include 10 of the state’s 26 acute-care hospitals.

Shea-Porter cried foul, noting that Anthem’s individual-plan customers in New Hampshire can renew their current plans for 2014.

“This ad is false,” spokesman Ben Wakana said in a statement. “Washington Republicans should take down their misleading attack ads and stop frightening Granite Staters who hold individual policies from Anthem, because they can indeed renew their policies and keep their current doctors and hospitals.”

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee hit back, too.

“This new attack is just more proof that Republicans including Frank Guinta and Dan Innis are on a vicious mission to repeal the Affordable Care Act and go back to a broken system that was leading hardworking Granite Staters into bankruptcy,” said DCCC spokesman Marc Brumer in a statement. “It only underlines how Republicans, Guinta and Innis have made it their top priority to take New Hampshire back to a time when insurance companies had unrestricted authority to hike costs, deny care, and drop coverage.”

The $21,000 ad buy was split between the Manchester and Portland, Maine, markets, and it will air until Dec. 18, according to NRCC spokesman Ian Prior.

(Ben Leubsdorf can be reached at 369-3307 or or on Twitter @BenLeubsdorf.)

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Basically what we have here is putting off the reality for another year. The unions are also trying to get an extension for the Cadillac Tax, one of many hidden taxes in the ACA that many have no clue about. Pretty much trying to put off all the bad news in the ACA. Kinda like putting OraGel on a bad tooth an hoping the pain will go away and no dentist will be required. This is a sham that the left wing media hopes you will buy. They are counting on you to trust them.

Nice to see the CM defending Shea Pellosi's ACA voting record. Her vote was to extend the existing plans for ONE year. The fact is if you have good health insurance - such as through state govt- you are not going to keep it. In 2017 after Obama is gone, the Cadillac tax begins, and one of the following will occur;the employer and the employee will be taxed on these plans and or the employer will modify the plan to stay under the Cadillac tax threshold(neither business or government will justify paying this tax)the modification will be higher copays and deductibles or the employer will force the employees onto the federal exchange that currently enrolls 16/26 hospitals in the state and concord hospital is not one of them. So the probability is the overwhelmingly majority of Americans will not keep their plan and their doctor. Period. This information can easily be found on the non partisan Kaiser Foundation website.

1) didnt the democrat also say that immigrants would not get coverage... FALSE - 2) didnt the democrat also say no abortions with NobamaKare.... FALSE 3) didnt the democrat also say it would reduce premiums... FALSE 4) didnt the democrat say there were no death panels ...FALSE 5) Nobody trusts what democrats say anymore.... TRUE 6) when the democrats promised you they could add 40,000,000 to the health roles and save each family $2500 and do it all without any new Doctors they were insulting your common sense ( unless of course you are a democrat) ....TRUE

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