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Cumberland Farms says it will reimburse students’ towing fee

Cumberland Farms will reimburse the five Concord High School students whose cars were towed Friday for the $195 towing fee and give each of them a $100 gift card good at any Cumberland Farms or Gulf station, a company spokesman said yesterday.

Derek Beckwith said the company tried to give students advance warning that their cars would be towed if they continued parking in the lot of the former Red and Gold convenience store, which is across from the school. Students, parents and school officials disputed that this week.

The Red and Gold store, across the street from Concord High, closed earlier this year. The property is owned by Cumberland Farms.

The only warning posted at the site went up the night before the cars were towed. The notices included a poster board with the words “No Parking” written in black ink and a couple of boards spray painted with “No Parking.” Beckwith said yesterday the company is “checking into how well (its warning) process worked.”

In the meantime, Cumberland Farms is contacting each of the five people whose car was towed and reimbursing them the $195 they spent getting their car out of lockup. They will also be given the $100 gift cards, Beckwith said.

“We care about the community,” he said.

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did they cave ? it may not of been the news getting involved , it may have been someone in management understanding how much 195. can mean to a student right before the holidays. sometimes doing the right thing means looking outside the box.... good job Cumberland farms

The story says the company is checking to see how well its warning process worked. I'd say with the company paying each of the students $195. and a $100. gift certificate, the warning process didn't work out too well.

they just lost my business I will go some were else . these student were wrong and cumbys cave in to them just cause the news got involved,

They would have lost a whole lot more customers if they done it your way. I'd avoid going into busness for yourself if I were you.

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