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Making jam in small batches helps it cook faster, which allows for more intense color and fresh fruity flavor.

Group says IRS ruling could promote community solar projects

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Vermont man who bought 10 solar panels as part of a jointly owned solar power project is poised to get 30 percent of his cost added to his income tax refund after the Internal Revenue Service ruled he could take the same tax credit used by some of the people who put solar panels on their roofs. While the …

New Hampshire Electric Co-op warning of possible phone scam

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New Hampshire Electrical Cooperative is warning its customers about a phone scam that threatens to disconnect members’ electric service if they don’t make an immediate payment. “After a rash of similar scam attempts last May, NHEC is urging its members to recognize when they are being targeted and avoid becoming a victim,” said a statement released by the cooperative Tuesday. The New Hampshire …

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Concord phone lines working again

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The phone lines were back up and running Tuesday morning at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Concord, after a failed component in a Manchester call center knocked them out for most of Monday. Calls to the primary care and pediatric offices at the 253 Pleasant St. facility would not connect Monday – the number would ring a few times and then hang up. Technicians …

E-ZPass transponder issue was prodded by extra cost of processing drivers

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Two numbers are behind the ongoing brouhaha over E-ZPass transponders: 7 cents and 47 cents. Seven cents is how much it costs the state to process a vehicle when it goes through an E-ZPass lane with a working …

How do you know if your transponder’s dead? It’s not easy

Thursday, August 27, 2015

If your transponder is still working, there’s no need to replace it, even if it’s old and the deadline of Nov. 1 has passed. The problem is that it’s difficult to know whether any given transponder is still working. One indication comes on the monthly statement from E-ZPass, …

U.S. stocks surge, snapping 6-day losing streak

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Dow Jones industrial average rocketed more than 600 points Wednesday, its biggest gain in seven years, snapping a six-day losing streak that had Americans nervously checking their investment balances. While the surge came as a relief to …

US stocks extend losses as early rally fades

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Just when it looked as if the bleeding had stopped, it started up again. A rally in U.S. stocks evaporated in the minutes before the closing bell Tuesday, sending the Dow Jones Industrial Average down more than 200 …

Police seek less-lethal weapons

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Police in more than 20 North American cities are testing the latest in less-lethal alternatives to bullets – “blunt impact projectiles” that cause suspects excruciating pain but stop short of killing them. Or at least that’s the goal. …

New day of carnage for financial markets amid global sell-off

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A worldwide selling frenzy Monday bruised U.S. stocks and sent the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunging nearly 600 points, as investors worried over China’s slowing economy extended a global-market meltdown. The Dow fell more than 1,000 points within six minutes, its largest single-day slump in history, before staggering …

Business people for Aug. 24, 2015

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Rosemary Heard, president of CATCH Neighborhood Housing, will be vice chairwoman of the board of directors for the Northern New England Housing Investment Fund, based in Portland, Maine. She has been a member of the board since 2010. …

Business notes for Aug. 24, 2015

Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce recently celebrated the opening of the Franklin Studio in the historical Buell Building in Franklin. The nonprofit will sell coffee, pastries and New Hampshire-made gifts. Granite United Way received a gold level rating from GuideStar and a four-star rating from Charity Navigator. …

Maine seaweed festival to highlight state’s growing industry

Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Maine festival hopes to show the public that the future is here, and it’s covered in seaweed. The Maine Seaweed Festival will take place Aug. 29 at the South Portland campus of Southern Maine Community College. Organizers say they want attendants to “ride the wave of our …

Why some farmers are deciding to go GMO-free

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Five years ago, Dan Beyers took his farm in a new direction. Or, rather, back in an old direction. The Pana, Ill.-area farmer had been using corn and soybean seeds genetically modified to work with glyphosate – the …