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Letter: Words versus actions

Re “State rep investigated in duck incident at hotel” (Sunday Monitor Local & State page, Dec. 29):

What politicians say and what they do are often very different. What Rep. David Campbell did was run over and crush several ducks that had the audacity to walk in front of his BMW in the driveway to the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Nashua. I don’t care what he says; clearly what Campbell did represents everything wrong with our society today: egocentric, all-about-me attitudes, willingness to step on (or in this case, run over) anyone and anything that gets in one’s way, unwillingness to slow down and consider alternative options when problem-solving, and indifference to the physical and emotional welfare of living things.

Gee, what a guy.



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Hey James, what about THIS "what if" scenario: IF the "talking animal crowd" would stop FEEDING WILDLIFE in some self-absorbed attempt to "commune with nature" then these ducks wouldn't have been where they weren't supposed to be in the first place! Wild animals do not need our "help." They DO need to be managed, but that is only because we've taken over so much of their habitat. Bleeding hearts who "help" wild animals by feeding them are in reality conditioning them to rely on humans for food, which in the end does more harm to the species as a whole.

He has a big fat BMW, he has a "D" stamped on his head, he wants to stick it to us with a gas tax, he's one of the beautiful people. He can run all over us, never mind a few ducks. If a Republican runs over a squirrel there's hell to pay, but this will blow over and he'll be back in Concord waving the tax and spend flag. We'd be better off with the cast of Duck Dynasty in the legislature than , Ducky Campbell!

Don't animals usually run out of the way of oncoming vehicles, even if it's at the last moment? That's what I see every time. Apparently these ducks didn't do what was expected, so now it's a major political incident? Slow news day?

In defense of his actions, he has always been a supporter of commuter rail and now we know why. If commuter rail served Nashua and the plaza he wouldn't have been driving an automobile. It's the governments fault, not his.

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