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Letter: Ayotte’s passion

I am impressed by U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s compassion for veterans and all military personnel. Recently, she became passionate in defending retirement benefits for future veterans.

But I do not see anything matching that passion for those about to lose their unemployment compensation benefits.

Nor do I see Ayotte being passionate for those about to lose their food stamps, nor for those whose minimum-wage income has been frozen now for several years.

I look for a U.S. senator to represent all our people, especially those who are most vulnerable.

I look for a U.S. senator to demonstrate passion for such people in their speeches and their votes in Congress.



Legacy Comments2

1) Economist: N.C. unemployment drop tied to benefits changes....North Carolina’s unemployment rate has fallen more than other states’ this year....In July, North Carolina decided to end federal extended unemployment benefits, a move that meant the loss of unemployment insurance payments....civilian employment in the state rose by 39,400 over the past three months 2) it is pure dirty politics to imply there is any Ayotte backed law in place to stop food stamps. 3) the democrats populism move to use minimum wage as another divisive issue is the politics of the simple minds, detrimental to employment and only supported by the failed Pelosi economic theory. How has that worked for the last 5 years?

Yeah well..Ayotte was the only one voting against this budget deal...

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