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Letter: About that warming . . .

A Russian flag ship with 74 souls on board got stuck in 10 feet of ice in Antarctica on Christmas Day. Two ice breakers, one Chinese, could not break through the ice pack to reach them.

It is the worst ice pack seen in the region in decades.

A grave situation in most people’s eyes, but I find it hysterical, given that 52 of the 74 are global warming scientists, measuring the ocean temperature and salt content; the others are volunteer Al Gore wannabes. Maybe when the polar bears start clawing their way up the hull of the ship, looking for dinner, they might change their next report to the EPA.

You can’t make this stuff up.



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Just to keep everyone up to date, the rescue ship is now stuck in the ice...who is paying for all this...and at what cost???? I'll only laugh if its not the US taxpayer.

Australian taxpayers...$400k...now I can laugh.

DRAT!!...they requested a coast guard ice breaker to help out..I lost count..is that 4 icebreakers, 1 stuck ship and a helicopter now? These whacks are all CO2 freaks, killing the planet...and look what they do??? I say leave them there...for the sake of the planet and the US taxpayer

Dude - Basic fact: polar bears are in the Arctic. The ship was in the Antarctic .. our other polar region. Go back to school.

LOL, "you can't make this stuff up", um, um, sounds like he did. LOL.

Dude...basic fact....their research told them that ice shouldn't be there.

Which explains why they were in an icebreaker.

Correction: the Russian ship is not an icebreaker. Mea culpa.

This letter was so dumb, I thought it was a joke.

Difficult to know where to start in reply to this letter since the misinformation is so thick. There is the fallacy that climate change must always be in one direction in all locations with no variability. There is the problem with US citizens thinking it is hilarious that Al Gore wannabes might be in the area to study this while nations like China and Australia come to their rescue. And I have yet to hear of a polar bear siting in or near Antarctica. You say; "You can't make this stuff up". Well somebody is.

Nice post in response to an ill-informed letter. I can imagine the letter writer may have been prompted to respond to something seen on Faux or heard on Rushbo. I'm sure the trio of chuckleheads on Faux had a good time with the ice breaker story and what it "proved"--in their minds at least.

We should issue them "hike safe" cards like the ones they want to issue negligent hikers in NH that forgives rescue expenses they’d otherwise owe the state. ...we could call them idiot cards...

I wish I had sold them the carbon credits ..imagine the footprint of three ships and a helicopter.....

Some things are just too complicated for some people to understand. And then again some people are just trollers.

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